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Broomfield Family Pictures, Sky and Bill

We had such beautiful weather!  The morning before this, there was so much fog I was a little worried, but it was absolutely beautiful!  And I loved having the horses around! It was so wonderful to see the girls with their horses!  And such beautiful animals!  I had done pictures for Sky's family before and one of the things I noticed then was how many animals they had.  And the thing I loved seeing was how in love these girls are with their animals!  I love these!

 I love how these came out!  I adore how close these guys are!  It is so fabulous to them all snuggled up!  So sweet!

 I am so surprised there weren't cats in more pictures!  A couple of them followed us around checking things out, but this cutie came around the most!  I think it made the girls quite happy to have him around (at lease I think it was a he...)  I love these!  She is so gentle with the kitties!  It's like she's the cat whisperer.

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