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These are a few of my pictures from my recent trip to Mexico. Most of them are from Ameca, Jalisco and some are from Guadalajara. The first picture is of me - a very shiny me - and Maria. I was hoping my Spanish would come back to me while I was there, but it didn't come that easy. With Maria's help I was able to regain some of my Spanish. Muy bien!

Some of the pictures have been photographed so many times, but I couldn't resist recreating them.

That's me in the shadows!

In Guadalajara, there were several woman who were begging in the busier areas. Most of the women were so emaciated and had several children running or crawling around them. In picture below I thought it was interesting, she was pregnant and begging outside of a church days before Christmas. I almost didn't see her because she was so small and with the large doors and fences she blended right in.

Arizona and a puppy

Here are a few images of my trip to Arizona. I've always wanted to see the Saguaros up close. It was not as amazing as I had hoped, but they really are miraculous plants. I would like to go back with more time and see them somewhere other than on the side of the highway.

Aside from the Saguaro's and Arizona, we have a new fluff ball rolling around the studio! The kids love LOVE him! And of course when I wanted to take pictures of them, they wanted him in too. It was much fun.
Check out the picture of Aidan - some how he got the stockings down and was wondering around the house with them on...

Danielle, Ken and Lily

If children were candy, Lily would be the sweetest candy ever! She was hands down the easiest two year old to photograph. As an added bonus she was practicing to become a yoga guru and was willing to show off her natural talent.
It really was very refreshing to have Lily and her mom and dad come over for a short time. It has been crazy busy around here and Lily's smiling face was such a ray of sunshine! She was so loved and adored - it was no wonder she was so happy and full of smiles.

Grace and Ryan

Grace and Ryan are direct opposites, Grace loves the camera and Ryan dislikes it. I thought it would be easier to photograph Ryan outside where he could roam and play around. Ryan was more responsive than he had been in the studio - and he looked adorable with his snakes dangling from his hands! And of course Grace had a wonderful time too!

In the studio, Grace had such a good time. She was all smiles and grins! Ryan is so lucky to have a good natured sister!