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Personal, Our wonderful dogs

I realized I haven't posted much about Piper (our found Parvo puppy)!  We still have her and she is doing so well!  She has convinced us to continue feeding her, and now all the other dogs, wet food.  Something 3 other dogs and a few before them have been unsuccessful at.  She sleeps at such weird angles, I know she has no bones in her body!  And she makes the strangest noises!  Watch the video at the bottom and you will see!  She finds things we haven't seen awhile!  Money too, I thought she might be a piggy bank, but it turns out when you turn her upside down and shake her more money doesn't come out.  Kind of bummed after we spent so much to get her better.
      Every morning, I go to get her out of my youngest room, with the 3 other dogs barking like mad behind me.  She usually looks up me, rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.  When I nudge her, looks at me, rolls over and shows me her belly thinking that I cannot resist her belly and must stay there pettin…

Golden Senior Pictures, a few more of Payton!

Here are a few more images of Payton!  I am so excited to be doing images for High School Seniors so early in the year!  I can't wait to do more!

Golden Senior Pictures, Payton

Payton is one of my High School Senior Models!  She really wanted to do some pictures with her snowboard - and hopefully snow!  So we have been watching the weather and trying to time it just right.  And it was.... ok.  Not too much snow, but enough to make it look ok.  And as I am writing this, it is snowing like crazy outside my window!  Crazy weather! 

I could tell from first meeting Payton that she is a very vibrant person. She just lights up and dives right in! I love it when I have people who are excited to be having their picture taken!  And it's nice because we will be doing more pictures in a month or so.  I will have another mini-blog post soon with other images we took that day, I just wanted to get some up!

 I love these against the sky!  It almost looks like snow!

Boulder Senior Pictures, Brianne

I was very excited to do Brianne's Senior Pictures (as always of course!), but she wanted something a little different.  She really likes 50's retro and I thought the Hotel Boulderado would be perfect for that!  It is classy and antiquated and the staff their is wonderful and accommodating!  As we were walking around, her mom told me that Brianne's grandparents met in Boulder in 1941!  How perfect!  And Breanne dressed the part so well!

I love this image! And this one too!

This was her and her best friend Olivia messing around!  My favorite part of most sessions!

Denver Wedding Photography, Lauren and Danny Part 2

Remember Danny and Lauren?? I'm sure they thought I forgot to put more images up, but I didn't!  Here is part 2, I will get part 3 done very soon.  I was hoping to get it all done today, but then this awful cold came back and I will be popping off to bed after I am done with this (and sterilizing my key board again tomorrow.)  I love these images, they are so fun!

I love this image!  It could be her dress too...  Or the black and white, the curve of the building, Danny's suit?  I think it is all of it!