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Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Veronica

Veronica is such a sweet girl, I was a little worried at first she seemed so shy.  But once I got her to laugh, she warmed right up.  I had taken pictures of her friend Adrienne at the beginning of the summer,  I was so delighted that she liked Adrienne's pictures so much that she wanted me to do hers.  I couldn't get over her eyes, they were so beautifully brown!  I am sure that some boy out there has sung Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison to her at some point, and if they haven't I'm sure it will happen!   I love how playful she looks!

 I haven't had many girls request flowers in their pictures this year, so I was very excited when Veronica said she wanted to have flowers.  And I know this spot that is just spectacular!  One day, I shall take a photo to show where this spot is, because if I told you now it was off of a highway outside of a neighborhood, you probably wouldn't believe me.

 I love the flowers with her black and white stripes!
I love these at the…

Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Giovany

For Giovany's Senior Pictures I was really hoping we could do them in New York!  He was going to be there around the same time I was, but his schedule was very booked.  I don't remember the exact details, but he was picked with 20ish other students out of maybe hundreds of kids (I may have exaggerated that) to go and tour New York for academic accomplishments.  Either way, I think it is a wonderful thing that he was selected for such a great honor!  So sadly we didn't get to do New York.  But, if we had done that we wouldn't have been able to do pictures that really represent him.  We went lots of places, the soccer field, the water park, the rail road tracks and a water fountain - it was a lot and he was a trooper!

 I love these images by the grass and railroad tracks!

Angel Photography

This project was all the brain child of Camille.  She called me and asked if I would help her out on an art project - but she said I couldn't call her crazy (which she's not), I listened to her idea and I thought it sounded wonderful!  She had those fabulous angel wings and her mom had just given her the nightgown and it all just came to her.  She wanted to do it on the full moon in the morning and at night (to see the moon of course!).  We were a little apprehensive that the light wouldn't be what she wanted in the morning because I couldn't do it before 9am, which it wasn't 100%, but I love how the back lit images came out!  They just glow.  I think they came out better than if it had been earlier with flatter light. Camille found the swing while she was walking her dogs near Sloan's Lake, went up asked the owner if she could use it and they graciously said go ahead.  It was the perfect swing for these pictures (and so much fun to swing on!)  And great enter…

Boulder High School Senior Pictures, Dana

I rarely ride with clients, I usually have too many things to do before or after, but this time I did.  I fell in love with Dana, her mom and sister!  They were wonderful!  I loved how family oriented they are.  Dana and her sister Elain were so unlike most uninterested teens, I loved it!  Dana was such a wonderful girl to photograph, she looks fabulous whether she is smiling or not and she seemed so comfortable with both.  And best of all, she was willing to do whatever I asked.  So awesome!  And we had such a perfect day!  It wasn't too hot like it had been days before so weren't hot and sweaty as we got back in the car.

 I love this image!

 Dana wanted to do pictures near the water and have an out doorsy look, and on the Pearl Street Mall for a more urban look.  The mall was definitely harder to photograph on, there were so many people!  And by so many people, I mean it was hard to walk down the mall, let alone photograph on it. I kind of like the challenge of coming up w…