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Denver Portrait Photography, Raheleh and Julie

Raheleh and Julie are a wonderful couple!  They are working on adopting a wee little one and these are some of their images for the application.  They are going to make such a wonderful parents!  They are very intelligent, thoughtful, a little bit quirky and funny - all things parents will need when they are lost in the craziness of trying to take care of a newborn. I enjoyed hearing about the process of adopting privately, I have always been on the state side of adoption and that is not always happy.  I like how the birth parents have family preferences and visitation options.  Very different than adoptions from when I was a kid.
 I loved all the geese!  And there were so many cute fuzzy little ones too!  These little guys were just perfect luck for what we were doing.

Colorado Portrait Photography, Amanda and Colby with their beautiful daughter's

I love to be a families photographer!  And I especially love this family!  They are so cute and cuddly.  Adrien was born while I was on vacation and Amanda texted me to let me know.  I was over the moon that she thought of letting me know!  And I was very excited to meet her when I got back.  Austin was a great help, handing me things I needed, trying on hats, moving things around, finding things in my bag I had no idea they were there, posing for me to check lighting - and all with a smile!  So very cute!
 Isn't that such a sweet face???

 So cute!  I have a very similar image from when we did Austin's newborn pictures.  Both of them have that sweet angelic face - if Adrien is anything like her sister, that angelic-ness may not last while she is awake.  I think my great grandma would call Austin a 'pistol'.  She is everywhere, all the time and into everything!

 For most of these Adrien wasn't really sleeping, just almost asleep or almost awake.  And with the aid o…

New York Vacation, A personal post

I realized it had been a long time since I posted anything!  I had planned on posting images while I was on vacation, but I never got around to even looking at them until now.  We traveled to New York and then off to Delaware to my cousin's wedding and then we went to DC.  It was quite the trip!  I thought I would post a few images real quick.  I promise to post more soon!  After I post images from my cousin's wedding, a few portrait sessions and the crazed United Power Lineman! I really love this image.  I had such a wonderful time on the subway!  I may not like the subway so much if I lived there, but I didn't have to drive, we got where we were going fairly quickly and the best thing - I got to people watch, one of my favorite things!  I love people!  And it was a bit chaotic, and as crazy as it may seem I do enjoy some chaos once in awhile.  Chances are if you have seen any of my H.S. Senior work, you will know I love umbrellas (in fact, it may have become a problem.…