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Birthday Party, Maddy turns 2!

I love these guys (not Elmo), I have photographed their wedding, pregnancy, Maddy's newborn pictures, her 1 year birthday party and now her 2nd birthday!  And I will be doing more maternity real soon - can't wait! 
 And there she goes!  Maddy is so adorable and such a joy to be around!  This little guy was into everything!  He raided the refrigerator, looked in several presents, stole some food off of a little girl's plate and stole another little boy's socks (sounds awful, but really he is just a curious little man!)
 Here the said little man sat on the other boys lap.  Then he stole his socks and the other little man giggled.

 Nom!  Nom!
Love the plate face!

 Here is Maddy with her adorable Aunt.

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Personal

Here we all are on our way to the parade - well in the right hand picture you only see Aidan's hand, he is a bit shorter than the rest of us...  And here we all are under one hat!  At first I was curious as to what was so interesting in the bag.  When I saw the cat, I thought what an interesting thing to bring to the parade...  My cat would have been so spooked and ran away!  Aidan was about the only one who saw anything and he was atop a dirty newspaper box, he did provide us with some great pictures though!

Denver Engagement Sitting, Vintage Motors with Kristen and Collin

One of the things I love LOVE most about my job, is that people like different things. And when people like different things, I get to do different things. I am so grateful that there are places like Vintage Motors, otherwise I wouldn't get to see so many cool motorcycles in one place. And I am especially grateful for fun and creative people like Kristen and Collin! They didn't want a lot of images, just them on a bike similar to the Charles and Ray Eames image of them on a bike. I did convince them to go outside and do some more, but just briefly.

 I love this image, I thought about taking out the ceiling and wall.  But I liked the "acting" quality and thought having the other parts of the room added to the "set up" feel, which I totally loved.

 When I first met Kristen, like 3 or 4 years ago now...  My brain is seriously distracted with that number...  Anyway, I've always thought how great it would be to photograph her!  And I cannot say how hard…