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Brighton Senior Pictures, Alex

Alex was a very easy going, almost cooperative subject.  It wasn't until the end of our session that the reason for his easiness was revealed - he had an ulterior motive.  He only agreed to all this craziness of Senior Pictures if he could wear the crazy shirt he had picked out.  I totally wished I had been in on this joke, as I only had minutes to come up with something cheesy to go along with the shirt.  So I will leave you with that and make you scroll down to find Alex's crazy shirt.

 I love these images!  The light was incredible and Alex looks fantastic!

 I love his laugh!  And his sister could really make him crack up.

Brighton Portrait Photography, Stacey, Dave and their adorable children

Here are pictures of Stacey and Dave's adorable children!  I am sorry for the quickness in the post, I am running out the door to take Makaela to the doctor.  She fell off her bike this morning and her wrist still hurts. I sure hope it is not broken... And with no further delay, here are 2 of the cutest kids!
 Isn't Maddy just adorable??

 Awww!  I love this!
 I love this one too!  I am so glad he finally fell asleep!  Sleeping babies are so much easier to photograph!

Denver Senior Pictures, Alex

I feel so lucky to have so many ambitious Seniors this year!  So many of them know where they want to be photographed, how and they are on it!  Alex knew he wanted to do pictures at the Buell Theatre, he contacted them and we were able to do a behind the scenes photo-shoot.  I had done a few photo-shoots there and I was more worried about the light and how dark the theater was, but when we got there and had to walk the hallways behind the theater, I was ecstatic!  Alex couldn't stop smiling (which was a great plus for pictures!) he was so excited.  I loved that he picked a place that meant so much to him and we were actually able to go there and photograph.  Alex is a more behind the scenes theater guy, he has done the sound, technical theater and is currently learning lighting.  So the hallways lined with past production painted posters was perfect!  I wish I could have wandered the halls a little longer, it was amazing to see all the productions - you could almost hear the musi…