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Denver Senior Pictures, Collin

Perhaps you will remember Collin from a photo shoot I did a photo shoot for a band he used to be in - it was actually ages ago!  So possibly, you don't remember him.... Well, he is graduating from High School now, very cool!  Collin is quite the jovial kid, he could easily chat about whatever and not have all that teenage angst.  It was very nice!  He was very comfortable taking pictures, and it was such a breeze taking pictures with him! This bridge is so incredibly cool and a fabulous back drop!

 I love the red and orange rebar/wire like sculpture/forest, it is very fun to photograph in.  And when I turned it black and white, I loved it even more!  It is less distracting to have all the color and it just leaves patterns.
 Collin was such a good sport to walk around so much, go up and down the stairs and back up again and to sit on the dissolved salty stairs.  And he mostly had a smile too!

Denver Senior Pictures, Caleb

I really love this alley, the light here is fabulous and what's better is the graffiti.  And it is fabulous that it changes over time - so fabulous because I don't like to do sessions in the same place over and over again.  I was really hoping to find another alley and not keep using this one, but some of the new graffiti was so over the top cool, I was so glad to be here again! So Caleb is such a character!  He is very calm and subtle, so you have to really pay attention or you'll miss some of his humor.  It was funny, at one point we were taking pictures and either Caleb or his mom made this strange screaming sound and had I not had a hip and cool kid at home, I would have missed it.  But because I have such a child, I knew it was the goat from all those videos.  Other than the smells (some of which were so rank, I can't even imagine what they would be like in warmer weather, I would have passed out!) we had such a great time!

 So part of being a boy, from my view p…