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Some of Elizabeth's pictures were taken in an odd place. The Target near my house has these really cool pillars and a large red wall with a whole in the center. I had walked by it and thought it could be a wonderful place for a Senior Portrait session, but I wasn't sure how if it would work out being in such a public place. It turned out wonderful, there were few people visiting Target that morning and there were just enough pillars to hide the doors of Target. After Target we went over to a waterfall/sculpture that turned out to be wonderful as well! Elizabeth was very easy going and fun to be around! She had a beautiful smile and an awesome giggle to go with it!

I love this image with the red and her black and white dress. I did it in black and white, but it wasn't quite the same.

I love this area! It is so green and the water fall is absolutely wonderful!

Janet and Phil's Wedding

By now everyone knows how much I love (LOVE) weddings - and I think every wedding I have done is the best wedding I have been to - with the exception of everyother wedding I've been to. But sometimes I get blind sided by a wedding that I think will be simple and sweet. This was one of those weddings! I expected a very low key, simple affair - really that's what they told me it would be. Instead, it was a full out party with LOTS of dancing, affection flying all over the place and smiles everywhere you looked. I really do LOVE weddings!

Janet and Phil have been together for 10 years and obviously have enjoyed each other so thoroughly and continue to enjoy each other so much it's contagious! I had such a good time, I forgot to leave at my scheduled time.We did some formals ahead of time and Janet cracked me up! I asked her if she minded sitting on a rock and she said "This one?" Before I could respond, she was stretched out on the rock and smiling. It was great!


Miriam and Chris

Miriam and Chris met on an internet dating site - the first of my couples to have met in this crazy digital age through online dating. They chatted online and on the phone for weeks before actually meeting. Their first date was an all dayer, and I could tell just by talking to them it was quite a date.

Their wedding was amazing. The ceremony was held in the mountains of Georgia at Big Canoe Chapel - an absolutely beautiful place! The food was great, the dancing was great and the cake... Ahh, the cake, it was kiss the tips of my fingers and loud smack good. I have been playing that one over in my head for days.

Miriam and Chris' wedding was truly magical, I hope the rest of their lives can be just as magical as their wedding.

It still amazes me how much work it is to get a bride into her dress, I think all of the bridesmaids broke a sweet trying to remember what went where and who did what...