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Rosaryo and Vladimir

Rosaryo and Vladimir are a very cute couple! Rosaryo has such a sweet smile and luckily Vladimir was there to help me make her smile. Vladimir has incredible eyes, I think they may be contacts, but either way they are very striking.
I love this image!

Aren't they adorable? The water really brings out his eyes.

Stacey, Brett and Jackson

Jackson is perhaps the best baby ever! He is very cute, sociable, curious and he likes me! And one of his favorite foods is chocolate! What could be better? He was one of the easiest kids to photograph, good thing he wasn't my first or I would be unprepared and scratching my head for the rest of my career. Oh! And his parents were a delight too! Stacey and Brett were easy going and calm - always a help when photographing little ones! They really wanted Black and White images (my personal favorite) and most of these are Black and White, but there were a few that looked really awesome in color too.

I love this image with Jackson pursing his lips. He is so cute - if there was a chocolate in his likeness it would be the best chocolate ever!
This is Newman the dog. He too was cute, just not as cute as Jackson.
What smiles!

Aren't they adorable?

I'm not sure what he was looking at, but it could have been the chocolate his parents were bribing him with. Mental note - d…


We did Josie's pictures by a neighborhood in Erie. There is a wonderful waterfall by the entrance and that is where agreed to meet. I had planned some other areas as well, but as we poked around the waterfall area we found so many other places to take photographs. Apparently, Josie doesn't like to be photographed, but I hardly noticed. Josie had beautiful eyes and it was so hard not to just do close ups!