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Denver, Co Wedding Photography, Rachel and James

I have been so excited for Rachel and James' wedding!  They are such a marvelous couple!  Their engagement session was the best and I just knew their wedding would be just as wonderful, loving and kindhearted! It was the perfect day for a wedding, a little muggy, but not too hot.  And overcast.  Just the right kind, not too dark and a little bit of sun some of the times.  All of their guests were amazing and marvelous and loveable!  I wish I could do their wedding over and over again!  Rachel was so great, jumping up and off of bed's to place the dress in just the right spot.  Fetching things and offering things, just to make sure that everyone had what they needed.  It was like she wasn't getting married or something!  I love when brides are so appreciative of the people around them!  It is very lovely!  When Rachel and James first went out on a date and the date, time and place were decided upon, Rachel said 'then it's settled.'  It became a kind of mantra f…

Brighton, Co Headshots, Amber

Head shots are not always my favorite thing to do.  They are usually in the studio and they need to be conservative and they are kind of boring by nature.  I understand why, most people don't want anything too eccentric on a business card.  I just happen to like photographing fun and exciting things!  And I felt like this with Amber!  I love how her images came out and I think they would look fantastic on a business card!  I think I found a way to like head shots!  I am kind of excited about that!
 Doesn't she look absolutely fantastic??
For more information contact Natalie at, or 720.837.5378.

Brighton Thespians, A couple of plays

I have had the great pleasure in photographing my kids school plays.  At BECS they have gotten bigger and grander and more elaborate over the years, it is quite amazing!  This year they did Annie and it was amazing!  If Broadway only could pick actors from Brighton, they would good.  There are so many good actors here!  The set and the props were absolutely amazing!  Everything about this show was grand!  Between the parents, teachers, director and kids - it was phenomenal!

 This play was done at my daughter's high school and one of her friends was in it and asked me to photograph it.  We have been to so many plays in the last few months.  And this play was probably the lowest budget play, but what they did wi