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Hailey's Senior Pictures

I did Hailey's pictures in Lyons, Colorado, one of my favorite places to do any kind of pictures! Hailey is such a sweet girl and I had a great time photographing her! It was funny, when I asked her not smile, she couldn't. She is such a smiley, bubbly person!

I love this image! She is so cute!

Devon's Senior Pictures

Here are some images of Devon's session. He was so easy going and easy to photograph! I love that this year's Seniors are so photogenic and fun!
I loved that he brought his dog! She has quite the personality!

Scott's Senior Pictures

I did Scott's older brother, Todd's senior pictures and I was delighted when his mom called for me to do Scott's! We were lucky on Sunday morning, there were few clouds and lots of sun. That may sound strange, but the two other appointments we had were rained out, so I was willing to struggle with the sunny cloudless sky! Scott was very sweet and again I was please to have a boy that smiled when I asked! He had a great smile, that he liked to hide away when he thought I wasn't looking!

I loved this spot with the black and white stripes and the yellow pillars!

This red wall is becoming one of my favorite spots to photograph!

Amanda and Colby's wedding was as beautiful and wonderful as I knew it would be. They are such a wonderful couple and I have been waiting months, maybe even a year, to do their wedding. Amanda looked fabulous, even when she was convinced her make-up was melting off, she still looked wonderful! They were married in the country amongst the heat and the flies - somethings are just unforgettable! But even those couldn't put a damper on the day, it was just too perfect! I couldn't separate the next two images, one just wouldn't be the same without the other - and for inquiring minds, they are standing in front of a fan - due to the heat. Oh, did I mention the air conditioning didn't work?

Amanda thought it would be fun for the girls to chase the tractor, and they did a fabulous job (even better than when the guys had a chance to chase the girls on the tractor, but I can't blame them they were wearing those horrible rental shoes with no traction.)

Here are the …