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Colorado Portrait Photography, Heather and Chris

Oh my!  What a beautiful day it was!  It couldn't have been any better!  The little guy was such a joy (his mom promised me it was his best behavior!)  Either way, I thought he was adorable!  He kept pointing to the snow and saying "Hot! Hot!"  I so love the little people!  And his big sister absolutely adorable and such a huge help - even though she was freezing!  I was so proud of her taking her jacket off for pictures!  I had wool socks and boots on and my feet were still freezing!

 I love my new banners!  I spent so much time making them and I am delighted at how cute they look!  It was so cute watching this little guy walk in the snow!

 I love this one!  And she doesn't look that cold!

 I had to put this one in to show that I did let her have her coat.  And now, I am cold sitting here in my toasty warm office, just thinking about how cold it was that day!

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Colorado Senior Pictures, Brianna

I was so happy to do Brianna's pictures!  She wanted to do something different and I am always up for that.  She works at Starbucks and wanted to do pictures at a coffee house.  There are so many great coffee shops in Denver!  The best one's I could think of are always busy (probably because they are so good!) and so I tried to find a couple that were still cool, but off the beaten path.  Not an easy task!  I found this one, Thump Coffee, near Cheeseman where we were also going to do pictures.  It looked fantastic online and they agreed to let us do pictures there, they said it wouldn't be too busy at that time.  I can't imagine what it is like when it is busy because it was very busy when we were there!  Anyway, it was a great spot!  I totally loved doing the pictures there!  I was a little bit glad she was late because it gave me the opportunity to play around at the coffee shop. The colors in this place are fantastic!  It was like a color and light playground! I l…

Colorado Senior Pictures, Brooke

I was a little worried about doing pictures just in the studio.  I haven't done Senior Pictures in the studio in years and I felt a little rusty.  But it turned out great!  Brooke was amazing, had great ideas and was  a great conversationalist!

 I love this one!

 She was so much fun! And totally hilarious!

 This one is for her sister, I can't remember what they call this character, but it is so adorable!  I love that they have this, it shows what a great relationship they have!
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