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Denver, Co High School Senior Pictures, Mikaela

I had done Mikaela's sisters Senior Pictures a few years ago and I was really excited to be doing hers!  Mikaela brought her dog and I was so excited!  I love doing pictures with animals!  Mikaela did such a great job picking out clothes, she looked great!  And Mikaela is such a great kid, she was so easy going and fun to photograph!

 I love this wall!  I am always worried that the people that live on the other side will pop over and tell us to shove off, but so far they haven't...  I love these!

 I love this one!  She looks so happy!
 Mikaela had such a good time skipping around and twirling with the umbrella!  She was such a free spirit.

 I love this one!

Westminster portraits, Lisa and Phil and their Harleys

These were so much fun!  Lisa and Phil wanted to do pictures on their Harleys and I thought it was such a great idea!  They really wanted the mountains behind them, which was so much easier thought than done.  It was so hard to be on the road without other cars, we had to do so many different passes to make sure there were no cars.  And Lisa and Phil were so willing to drive around in circles over and over.  They were great!

 I love these in the Harley shop, they were so great and fun!

 I think this one is my favorites!
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Golden, Co High School Senior Pictures, Brooke

We were so lucky with Brooke's pictures!  We did them at the Clear Creek History Park and as I was driving, the farther west I drove, the darker and windier it got.  When I arrived it looked like it was going to rain.  And then there were a few sprinkles and I started to get nervous and started making plans on where we would go if it started raining.  Luckily, the rain didn't come and the wind stopped and we had a lovely time! Brooke was so great!  I had such a hard time picking which pictures to put in the blog!  And she looks so great in black and white, it was so hard to choose!

 I love these with the umbrella!

 I love that Brooke wanted to do pictures with her flute!  And she even played some in the field too!  It was marvelous to take pictures of her in the field while she played!

 Brooke wanted to do pictures with her little brother - and they were so cute!

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