Boulder Senior Pictures, Kayla

Kayla's mom called me when I was on vacation in Belize and I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to come back and do Kayla's Senior Pictures!  She was on the swim team with my daughter and she is just so adorable and bubbly.  She has the greatest smile and a marvelous attitude.
We had such a great time in Boulder doing pictures!  And her outfits fit perfect for where we were!  I couldn't have asked for better weather or company for the evening!

 I love this spot!  I had to stand in freezing cold water, but luckily it is shallow enough to photograph up the river.
 This spot is one of my favorites!  And while we were there, the management turned on the waterfall for us - I didn't even know there was a waterfall!  They were really nice and accommodating, a rare thing anymore.  Most of the time I am told I can't photograph here or there or have to have a permit or talk to so and so for permission.  I was very relieved and super grateful!  And I will try really hard not to wear out my welcome there...
 Kayla was such a trooper!  We photographed all over and she didn't complain, get tired or annoyed.  She kept going and smiling and had a fantastic attitude!

 I love LOVE these in the grass!

 It was a good thing both her parents were there!  Those pesky Converse!

 Love this one!

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Helen Binford said…
Thanks Natalie!! Kayla had such a wonderful time. She is so happy you posted these pics on your blog. You really have a great way of connecting with everyone involved in and out of the photo session!!
Natalie said…
Helen, you are so welcome! You have a beautiful daughter and I had such a great time with all of you!

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