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Brighton High Senior Pictures, Brock

I have been wanting to blog about Brock's session for awhile, but I have been so busy with life! I had such a great time with Brock and his family. His mom had me rolling, he wasn't so impressed, but I sure thought she was funny! We had to meet later in the day because he had Golf practice and I had a great time with the light!

Doesn't he have a great smile? And his eyes! They are fabulous!

This is about the time we were starting to loose light, but it is such a great time for that twilight light.

Denver Family Portraits, Cheeseman Park, Julie, Trent and Broddy

The other day I was at the grocery store, and this man was putting his toddler son into the car. His son reached up out of the cart and the man gave him a huge hug, gave him a big kiss on the forehead and he said 'I love you buddy'. And me, in the parking lot almost cried. Then I saw this image, and I was like I bet Trent is like that with Broddy. Just look at them! You can tell they totally love each other. And I love Julie! She has such a fabulous smile, it's the kind that makes you want to smile too.

I love how Broddy is leaning into his mom. He is such a sweety!
We tried, perhaps a bit unsuccessfully, to get Broddy to walk. But he did that funny, I'm going to go limp and not do anything you want. I still thought these images were very cute!

And oh my! Look at that smile! And those eyes! He is just so cute and has the sweetest face!

I totally love the tongue!

At this point Broddy was done! But we did get a couple of cute ones (with Trent's tickling help of c…

Prairie View High School Senior Portraits, Lexi

This was a little bit of an add for Lexi's Senior Pictures. We were just waiting for the sunflowers to bloom. When her mom described the field, I had no idea it would be so big! It was amazing how many sunflowers there were! It was fun and different! And we did pictures with her sister too. And honestly, I wouldn't mind doing a couple more sessions! They are so cute!
Kenna waiting patiently while Lexi had some single pictures done, isn't she adorable??

I know Lexi's parents don't like the tilt, but I just love this image!

Look at the size of that bee! In real life, it was much more impressive...

Prairie View Senior Pictures, Tavarius

What a crazy weekend! I was so busy running from this shoot to the next! Of course I love every minute of it! I especially enjoyed Tavarius' Senior Picture session because it was very laid back, there was great conversation and he was great to work with! He has this amazing talent to look good smiling or no smile. And it was so nice working with a boy! I am so glad to be getting some boy Senior Pictures!

Doesn't he have a great smile? He liked to hide this one from me, but I did get it a couple of times!

I love the images in the grass! It was such an awesome spot!

There it is again!

Joonbugz Special, Brighton Portraits, Sophia and Addison

Can you say sweetness??? Oh my gosh! These two girls are adorable and full of spunk! They are twins, and like so many twins they are so different. Addison was very shy and Sophia just cam over and sat in my lap.

Aren't they just too adorable?

And one of the few with their mom, they are such squirmers!