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Belize Wedding Photography, Bermuda Landings, Jessie and Aleks

Jessie and Aleks' wedding was absolutely perfect and beautiful! It had been rainy for the days leading up to the wedding. The clouds rolled in about an hour before making some of us a little nervous, but it rained just a little leaving the rest of the day beautiful.

Jessie and Aleks were such a great couple to be around. They were very laid back and liked to laugh a lot! They definitely knew how to have a good time, making the whole day incredibly pleasant for everyone.
The boys looked absolutely stunning in their white shirts and blue ties!

Jessie looked fabulous and so relaxed!

There was lots of laughter that day!

I love the color of their foot wear!

San Pedro, Belize, Jessie and Aleks 2nd round of Engagement

Here are the rest of the images from Jessie and Aleks' Engagement images.

San Pedro, Belize, Jessie and Aleks' Engagement

I was just noticing that the previous post was in the snow... Funny, these are in the sand! The internet cafe is taking too long, sorry Jessie and Aleks! I will upload more when I get home. These are Jessie and Aleks' Engagement images (actually they were technically married yesterday, but in Belize I don't think it matters). We were lucky, today was one of the sunniest days for awhile, so we got some great images. I think my favorite images are with Frosty!

No wait! This is my favorite!

The new way to travel! We were outside the airport in San Pedro and this little girl rolled by and I know tomorrow I'm going to wish my mom came with me to pull me on our luggage. If Jessie or Aleks pulls the other this way, I would like pictures please!