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Brighton, Co Portraits, Samantha, Butch and their beautiful family

I believe I am almost catching up, my goal is to be done today so that I can have the weekend to finish shopping, bake cookies and most of all enjoy my family!  I am so glad to have all the prints delivered, appointments set and tucked away until after the holidays (except the Christmas Eve wedding), and almost all the final Galleries up (there are a few lingering out there, I promise to get started today!) So without delay, here are this little cuties 3 month pictures!  Isn't her face just the cutest little cherub face ever???  I try not to duplicate the same types of images (especially sessions that are so close to each other), but I couldn't resist hanging 2 little babies out to dry!  I love this idea and can't wait to play with it a little more!
 There was this moment after we had dressed her and undressed her that she was very unhappy and she tried so hard to shove both fists in her mouth and cry and was just generally unhappy!  And then her mom got her phone out, an…

Brighton Portraits, Adrien

I am so in love with this little one!  Her and her sister are marvelous, their smiles fill the room and you can't help but smile with them.  These pictures were just of Adrien and I did miss her big sister being there! 
 I love this one!  She is so adorable!

 I love this one!  It looks like she is just singing her heart out.  So adorable!  I love this one too!  So stinkin' cute!  In a year or so, I think her look will be different and there may be a batting of the hand away.  But for now, it is so sweet and lovely that she doesn't mind her mom's hand.  Since it is so close to the Holidays, we thought it would be fun to wrap her in lights.  Until she started to put them in her mouth.  That's about where we had to stop.  But it was cute for the 30 seconds it lasted.
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Denver Family Portraits, Colorado Photographic Arts Center Family Portraits

I love that CPAC asked me to do more photos for them!  I had a great time with these families.  They were all so appreciative and it made me feel so wonderful!  And the space!  Oh my gosh!  It was absolutely beautiful!  We took them at the Highlands Church in Denver.  Such a beautiful space inside and out!

Denver Senior Pictures, Robert

I have been soooo behind!  That marvelous week of no school and thankfulness popped my accomplishing things bubble.  I feel like I have been running to and from each thing trying really hard to get everything done in a timely manner!   I do hate rushing on people's pictures, I want them to look the best!  I am hoping to be in a spot to actually start knocking some of this stuff out!  Go me!  After I did Robert's pictures, I couldn't wait to see them!  We did a late afternoon/early evening sitting and the light was fabulous and then it was just gone!  So there was more messing around with the camera trying to get the exposures right...  And lots of hoping the secondary flash would actually go off this time...  But the night time images look fantastic!  He wanted to have downtown behind him and it looks so much better at night than it would have during the day.  I am so please with how they came out!

Golden, Colorado, Portraits; Elizabeth and Maddy

I have known Elizabeth for a very long time!  My daughter, Makaela and her were in 2nd grade together (possibly even in Kindergarten, but that has never been confirmed), there have been lots of fun times, lots of fights, new friends and old friends... I can't believe she is almost 16!  It is so amazing how time flies and kid's grow up!  These pictures are for her turning 16.  We had a great time in Golden - in the snow and cold!  It was much nicer when went down a little in elevation, but as soon as the sun went down, it was down right frigid! Elizabeth wanted to do pictures with her bestest friend ever!  It was so much fun to see them together!  I love these in the field!


 Elizabeth, Maddy and all of Elizabeth's sisters.  Ahhhh!
 How Elizabeth really wants to be most of the time.