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Denver Wedding Photography, Part 1 of Lauren and Danny's amazing day

Lauren and Danny's wedding reception was a blast - I am a bit biased because I am related.  But still!  I had a wonderful time (even though I was working, it just shows that I love what I do!)  It was a wonderful party with lots of good food and marvelous company.  And I would like to welcome Lauren to the family!  I can't wait for lots more time to hang out!  I love Lauren's shoes!  If only I could walk in heels - I would wear these every day!

 I love her dress too!  It was looked so fabulous on her!
 Beautiful little Addie!  I love my newest niece.

 They are such a fun couple, they had all these props to play with.  The kids went nuts, and then later the adults (after a few drinks) were also wearing a few items.  But as you can see from some of the above images, it didn't take much for some adults to dress up.

Personal, Why I do what I do

I have been thinking about my business a lot lately.  It seems as though everyone knows a photographer, whether a professional or someone getting started or even just someone that is just good enough.  Everyone knows someone with a nice or really nice camera.  And what that means to me is less weddings, portraits and h.s. senior portraits.  It also means, like this year, I have to raise prices.  And in thinking about how to get more business and such boring but necessary things, my mind wandered and I thought about why I do what I do... Which if you could see the picture in my head, it is beautiful!  There are wide open beaches, colorful mountains, fields of golden grass with tumbling children in it, couples chasing each other through graffitied alleys - it really is fabulous.  And I love my role in observing these moments, participating in these wonderful memories.  I truly believe in photography.  It is how I live my life, how I think, remember, believe. 

I photograph because I lov…

Denver Portraits, Misty and Santos

These may seem a bit late... but it was kind of nice to leave our Christmas tree up a bit longer for this shoot.  Saddie and Aidan had matching pj's, only Saddie's didn't have the adorable 'Bear Cheeks'.  I love that their mom wanted them to match!
 Isn't he just adorable???  Such a character!

Personal, Our wonderful trip to California

We were so lucky to go to California after the holidays and see family!  It was wonderful to see everyone, hang out and not do much of anything.  We did go to San Francisco one day and the kids had a blast!
 Here are some of the kiddos on the Golden Gate Bridge.  Aidan didn't make it all the way across... A big truck came across and shook the bridge a bit, we were about a quarter of the way across.  Aidan took about 20 more steps and then he couldn't do it anymore, so he and I turned back and went to the car.

 Makaela still doesn't like to have her picture taken.... not sure why, I tried not to over do picture taking when she was little... But perhaps, I did....  I got a Holga lens for Christmas and it is my new favorite toy!  Here some of the images I took with it!  I am so in love!

 The kids swam a lot!  The thing that was perhaps the best about this was that there was at least 1 kid from every family that was sick.  So there were 2 from Colorado, 1 from California and 1…