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This is the Baumgartner clan. We were supposed to do their pictures at an old barn, but one of their rank was in the hospital and so we had to improvise. Luckily, it snowed that morning and covered the grounds of the hospital.
Clearly, the pictures were really about the little one!

The star of the show!

I love her eyes! The baby better look out, she may bump her out of the stardom spot!

And picture taking time is over!


These are Aimee's Sr. Pictures, I did them before the holidays and this is the first chance I've had to put them up! She lives in Southern Colorado, so I had to go on her advice for places to go and we were running out of light fast. Then to top it off, we decided to go under an old wooden bridge and this couple stops and starts grilling us about what we were doing. It turns out they thought we were dumping trash. When they found out what we were doing they were curious as to why, but ok with us being down there.

I love her eyes!

Little troll under the bridge!

Just as the light was running out, we came across a really cool bridge from a previous road. It was just too far to walk through the snow in, but I thought maybe we could get it in the background. But after struggling with the flash and low light, I just turned the car lights on her. I did like how some of these came out with the dark blue background.

She actually fell down as we were taking pictures, so I took the…

Amanda and Colby

Amanda and Colby met at their work place in High School and have been dating ever since. They are absolutely amazing, they have been engaged about a month and already have their engagement pictures done! Amazing!
They were extremely fun to photograph, even on the cold day it turned out to be. They were such troopers! At one point I could see their breath and they didn't have jackets. And to make matters worse, I asked them at the end to share some ice cream (he-he)!

These were so much fun!

I love these at Ben and Jerry's - by the way there are Ben and Jerry's stores around, you just have to find them! This one is in Boulder on the Pearl Street mall.

This is one of my favorites.