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United Power's Sol Partners

Normally, I don't put corporate events on the Blog. However, I thought this one would be interesting to everyone. United Power unveiled it's SOL Partners program a couple of days ago - it is a program where United Power customer's can purchase Solar Panels. The great thing is that United Power houses and maintains the panels, so you can buy one or several. You don't have to worry about how or where to put them on your house. And you receive credits for the power your panel collects. I think it is a wonderful program for anyone interested in Solar Power. I hope programs like this take off all over the country! Way to go United Power in being the first to implement such a dynamic program!

These are the founding member's of the SOL Program!

This is the gentleman who was instrumental in getting the program started.

These gentleman were looking at energy collected by the solar panels on the United Power's web-site, but the great thing is they are in a Solar Po…

Kim and Jim's Wedding

Kim and Jim's Wedding was a spectacularly intimate event.  Everyone who was there was so important and special to the couple.  I couldn't help but feel privileged to be part of it.  It rained on and off all day, we had some sun in the meadow at Wild Basin Lodge when we were doing group formals and later in the day it snowed.  Kim gloriously thought the weather was great.  I couldn't have agreed more, it was a perfect day!


I know I haven't posted anything for awhile - it's not that I haven't done anything...  I've just been sick.  I am sorry to all of the wonderful people I have photographed in the last two weeks, I will try and get your images up soon!!!!

Here are some images of how I have been feeling - it is possible the day I took these is why I feel the way I do now...  Memo to self "hat and gloves are a good thing!"