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Boulder High School Senior Pictures, Alyssa

Alyssa was visiting family for Thanksgiving and really wanted to do her senior pictures in Colorado!  Eeeeek!  No pressure!  And when I arrived, the wind picked up and it started to rain... I was really hoping that it would blow over because we were doing Alyssa's senior pictures and her family pictures too.  We sat in our cars for just a little and the weather miraculously cleared and then we saw this rainbow!  It was there and then gone in an instant!  And we were off! I love her smile!  So pretty!
 We were so lucky to have some sun!  It was gorgeous!
 Alyssa was a little bit shy and I was really glad her aunt was there to help bring her out of her shell.  It was so great to see how much she is loved by her aunt!  It really is sweet!  I love this one!  The water was perfect!  Which was good because when I got there I thought the pond had turned into a river because there was so much wind on the water.

 I love this one!

 I love these in the grass!  I do wish the wind would have …

Broomfield Family Portraits, Ashley and Dustin

What amazing kiddos!  They were very patient and listened to what I asked them to do!  And they did it in the most adorable way!  The smiles were so shiny and big - I loved it!  They had such a good time in the tent!  As much as I loved the tent pictures, the ones after that were just as amazing!

 Such an adorable family!  And what marvelous parents these guys are!  The kids were so amazing possibly because the parents were so amazing!  I loved how close they were!  I love these!

 They loved running!  I was a little worried that one of them might trip and fall and hurt themselves, but luckily there was a small tumble, but that's all.

 Oh my!  These two!  They are so sweet and adorable!

 As we were wrapping up, there was a branch.  And this branch seemed to be the coolest branch that ever was.  I'm not sure if it made it into the car, for the parents sake I was hoping that the branch lost some of it's appeal.
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Golden Family Pictures, Natalie and Bridger

The little guy was super excited to do pictures - it was adorable!  He was a little scared that there snakes in the grass, I tried to explain that it was too cold for them to be out, but we still had to keep an eye out for them!  They could really show up anytime and so we had to be diligent!
 I love how loved this little guy is!  Isn't he just precious??
 I felt so bad!  He fell in the creek right after I took this picture.  He was so upset!  Poor guy!  But he perked up fairly quickly when I said we were going to blow glitter!  He thought that was the best!

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Thornton Portraits, Andy and Ken

There are so many stories here - so many more than I can even put here!  This little boy is so vibrant and his personality is off the charts!  Such a joy to be around!  When I first arrived, he handed me an envelope that said Top Secret and made me promise to open it when I got home.  I hope it is ok that I share what was in the envelope here - there was a piece of paper covered in hearts.  I felt like I was on top of the world!  And this little girl is so sweet and cuddly!  Such a precious baby!  And so good!  She hardly fussed in all of our poking and prodding.  And I even got to hold her and comfort her!  I love her window sill!  what an awesome place to sit and cuddle!
 I love all the books!  I know Andy from my book club and I knew this was the place to be!  With all the books!
 Love this one!

 Everyone in this family has the most amazing eyes!  And this little girl is no exception!  Such amazingly captivating eyes!  I love these! While we were waiting for the baby to get ready …