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CASA 17th Golf Tournament

The last couple of days have been crazy and of course there was a holiday jammed in there too! So now I am a little behind! I photographed CASA's Golf Tournament last week and I received quite the tutorial on golf by my wonderful guide John. He explained the eccentricities of golf, the course and clubs. I learned a lot, that I now have forgotten! I had thought of taking up golfing when I saw all of the cool golf club covers, but after John's detailed explanations, it sounds a little too complicated.

I loved these signs! They were a great touch for an event that was for children.

And they are off!

The Nuggets Cheerleaders were so sweet! I loved how beautiful their blue shirts blended with the green of the trees (I know I should be dazzled by their beauty, which I was, but I think the colors just made them sparkle more!)

This young man is BraydenBozakand he is a 7 year old, world renowned golfer. I'm not sure how he could do so well, my 7 year old can't stay still long eno…

New Products

Look at what we just started to carry! I am so excited and have been dying to show them off! They look so good on iPhones and iPods! What a great way to show off your family! And they are only $45!

Bromley East 8th Grade Graduation

It has been a couple weeks of craziness! Actually, the month of May has been crazy. It's not just the last month of school, but there are Senior Picture marketing to get the schools, graduation congrat cards to send, graduation parties to attend, end of year picnics and parties, last minute "oh I forgot to return...", craziness! And this year, I volunteered like crazy for my kids school and if that wasn't enough, I volunteered for CASA 17th's Golf Tournament (those will come up soon).

So this is the Bromley East Charter School's 8th Grade Graduation! I do have to admit, that a couple of times I almost cried. I don't remember graduating from 8th grade being such a big deal, but I suppose it really is. After this, they go to high school and then it's over in the blink of an eye. I know this because my oldest will be graduating from high school next year. And at the realization of this, I wanted to go sit in isolation for awhile. But instead, I continued …

Bromley East Kindergarten Graduation

This was the Bromley East Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony. And how sweet it was! They sang several songs and they did a fabulous job. They stayed in tune, had wonderful harmony - and best of all you could understand everything. I bet they worked really hard!

Some were happier than others... and I think some were bummed they were wearing these funny green dresses over their fancy COOL clothes.

They really were very good!