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Stephanie, Joe and Selena

This is Selena and she is patiently awaiting the arrival of her baby sister Melanie.  In the few weeks left before her sister is born, Selena thought it would be fun to bring her mom and dad to have pictures done.  She was a great help and could make her parents smile like a pro!
Melanie is in there waiting patiently to meet her big sister.  I could tell Selena will be the best big sister ever!  She is very intelligent and curious, traits I'm sure she will share with her baby sister.  And her smile is wonderful!  How her parents haven't given her everything she has ever asked for is beyond me.

Aren't they adorable?  

Here are some images of Kelley and Bill's wedding in Belize.  It was truly amazing!
They got married at Chabil Mar Villas, a beautiful resort in Placencia.  

Her dress was gorgeous!  

Love the black socks!