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Legacy High School Senior Pictures, Angelo

I recently photographed the band Angelo is in and had a great time!  I was so excited when his mom said they still needed Senior Pictures!  I love it when things work out like that!  It is so wonderful to have referrals or new shoots from previous sessions! The minute I got to where we did Angelo's pictures, I was like 'let's go here!  And here! And here!'  It is such a fabulous place and since we met so early, there were very few people there.  Awesome!  Angelo was great!  He could carry on a conversation, had some great ideas and did just about everything I asked!  He and his mom were so wonderful and gracious, I really enjoyed hanging out with them!  I love this door!  It is so marvelous!

 Just as we were done, I saw this spot and thought it would be great!  I don't know that Angelo thought it would be so great, but I sure did!

Prairie View High School Senior Pictures, Emily

I thought I had posted Emily's pictures over a week ago, but they seemed to have disappeared... that is the second time an entire blog has gone missing... Grrrrr!  I hate it when technology goes wrong!  So here are Emily's pictures!  We went downtown and hung around by Union Station, such a great place to take pictures!! Emily is such a great girl!  She has such a wonderful down to earth personality and was such a joy to be around.  Her mom and sister and best friend came along for the fun.  It was so great to see how supported she was by these great woman!

 I love all the red!  Emily looks so wonderful in red!

 When I first saw this bench, I fell in love!  I swore I wouldn't over use it.  But when Emily had a red dress....  I just couldn't resist.  Emily and her best friend were so adorable!  There was lots of laughing and smiling!  I love the inside of Union Station!  And not to sound selfish, but I wish so many people didn't go there.  It would make my job so m…

Prairie View High School Senior Photography, Kirsten

On the way to Kirsten's Senior Pictures - a place I have been to before, several times - I got lost.  Not only was I lost, I was following my own directions.  And I got lost!  Total head slap! When I finally got there, it was like showing up somewhere brand new!  All the graffiti was new and so exciting.  I think this alley was a perfect place for Kirsten!  She had such a great time going up and down the alley!  She had already picked out her favorite places before I got there and I loved all of her selections!

 I love this wall!  It is always so incredibly cool, but this may be my favorite mural yet!
 I was so excited and happy and over the moon to go do pictures in a book store!  It was wonderful to have her pick out her favorite books and do pictures with them, it was almost like photographing Christmas!  Kirsten had such a great time picking out books and thinking of more and more books to take off the shelves.

Kirsten taught me a very important smiling technique - how I have…

Denver Wedding Photography, Kristen and Collin

These guys are two of my favorite people!  I have known them for years, they both taught my oldest son and I have the utmost respect for them as teachers and I totally adore them as people!  When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was over the moon!  They were married on Christmas Eve (here is a link to their blog) last year and this year was the time to share with friends and family.  I again was so pleased to be part of their lives!  They are such an amazing couple and I love them!!

Here is Kristen with their sweet little one Beatrix.  Such a lovely baby!  The cans that they tied onto the car the day they were married.  It was simple touches like these that totally made the day! They had a Taco Truck for the food!  How brilliant is that??  I love it!

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