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Colorado Portrait Photography, Zori and Ben

This little cutie was absolutely a delight to photograph! She was so in love with her mom, every time she heard her mom's voice, her eyes lit up.  She was so very curious about things and she would look with those really big beautiful eyes and I would almost forget to take pictures.  She was just so precious!  She really liked those fingers! Mmmmmm!
 Zori's mom made this outfit for the baby, I couldn't believe how adorable it was!  And it looks so good!

 Awwww!  To be so in love!  I went home after this session and appreciated my kids a little bit more.  Not that I don't appreciate them, it's just easy to forget how wonderful they are when they when they are teenagers!

 We did these pictures at Ben's moms house.  She was so gracious to allow me to bring all my equipment and move it all over the house!  As I was packing up, the baby fell asleep in grandma's arms.  At first I wasn't going to get my camera out, but I just loved this moment so much!  I am …

Colorado Portrait Photography, Michelle and Nathan

The day we did Michelle and Nathan's family pictures it was so windy!  Luckily, we were able to find some spots where there wasn't much wind.  However, I think it was harder to dodge all the other photographers!  There was a herd of them!  I figured there wouldn't be so many still milling around in November.  But there they were!  I really need to find some new spots that are just mine again!  But I do love this spot!  The old buildings are so much fun and they decorate them so nice during the holidays. Michelle and her family were just lovely!  Their daughter tortured her little brother by tickling him (to get him to smile), just like every good sister should.  He tortured her by stealing her jacket and wearing it.  Because what else would a good little brother do??  It made me giggle how cute they were.

 I love this photo!  The kissing ones are always so wonderful!