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I had done Andrea's Senior Pictures and I was excited to do be doing her family pictures! They are all so cute! Kyra of course wouldn't smile for me, not like she did for her parents anyway - I think it's the big camera.
I love this image of Graham and Kyra!

I have been talking to Kyra's aunt about her since she was born. She had warned me how cute she was, but she didn't tell what a good baby she was. She was so agreeable and good natured. I loved photographing her!
Kyra was very tired, but she didn't mind that we kept photographing - a true sign of a model!


This was Yanira and Kiaara's First Communion. I don't often get to do First Communion's and when I do, I enjoy them immensely! My favorite part is watching all these young kids try and sit through the whole ceremony. I'm thinking this is probably the longest most of them have had to sit at one time.

I love this Priest! The first time I photographed at St. Williams Catholic Church, he could barely speak English. Now he is fluent in Spanish and English. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is great with the kids.

This really is the best part of the day! When the kids get to be kids and I get to do what I love the best - photograph them being themselves.