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Brighton High School Pictures, Grace

Awwwww!  Grace is so amazing and awesome!  Every time I photography her I think these are my favorites!  And then I photograph her again.  And then I know these are my favorites!  And these are definitely some of my favorites!  I love, love, love these with the flowers!

 I love all these with the barn!  They came out so great!

 I love the apple orchard at Yaya's Farm!  It is such a magical place for such an amazing pers

Brighton Dog and Family Portraits, Luna

These pictures are really more about the puppy Luna.  She is such a great dog and this family absolutely loves her!  She has been diagnosed with cancer, I am so glad we were able to do these pictures before Luna started to get sick.  We have dog sat for Luna before and she is such a dream dog!  Such a sweetie!
 I love all of these!  I am glad each of them was able to get a picture with Luna!

I wish we had done some just Luna pictures before she ran all over the place and was panting so much, but I do love her tongue!  It is so cute!
 These are so great with her chasing the stick!  She was in heaven chasing the stick!  I had to include this.  I am not really sure what he was doing...  but it sure looks goofy.  And goofy is always good in my book!
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Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Grace

I am so in love with this session!  Grace and her horse were so much fun!  He had the biggest personality and Grace was adorable with how much she loved her horse.  Even when he wasn't the biggest listener.

 Grace has such an amazing laugh and a beautiful smile!

 I love this one!  This was so funny, he just about knocked her over to get to some of the hay.  The wood has her grandfather's logo on it, I love that she brought it with her.  It is so sweet that she was including something that meant so much to her!

 I love this one too!