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Brett, Stacey and Jackson

I love Stacey, Brett and Jackson! They are such a mellow and happy family to be around. It also helps that Jackson is one of the cutest kids with just a tad bit of curiosity and a dash of mischievousness. He really liked the ducks at Wash Park and the little frog I brought to get his attention. Luckily he didn't close enough to the ducks to squeeze them to see what noise they made!

Jackson had such a great time being thrown in the air with his dad! He also liked the M&M's that appeared to be lurking in his dad's pocket, I may have to adopt this form of bribery for my own children.

I wanted to share some of the images from Alaska! We had a great time, even with all the rain and stubborn un-setting sun!

These first images are from our extra long lay-over in Seattle - which turned out to be sunny and warm. Unfortunately, we had a disposable camera, so some of the Pike's Market images are underexposed.

This is one of my favorite images!

These guys were amazing and funky! The band name is The Walkin' Pesos, I highly recommend taking a listen.

This was an incredible store with vintage clothing, and I picked up a card, but now I can't find it, otherwise I would post their information.

We stayed at the Hampton for a couple of nights and they have done a wonderful job with branding. Everywhere you look they have interesting black and white photographs - much like eye candy (which I love!)

This may seem strange, to photograph a cup of coffee, and I'm sure 10 minutes into it the Baritsta's were wondering what I was up too... But it was so beautiful, I di…