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1st Birthday Cake Smashing, Corbin

It's hard to believe that an entire year has gone by!  Corbin was born the day after Christmas of 2013 and it seems like it was just a couple of months ago.  I have been waiting for his birthday since he was born!  I couldn't wait to see what he would choose during the Doljabi ceremony (that sounds so formal, it is really a fun thing where a baby chooses a few items that "predict" their future on their first birthday.)  Corbin chose a toothbrush and a hammer, leading his parents to believe he will go into dentistry with his Singing Dentist brother.  Corbin, will be a little rougher when it comes to dentistry, but there will be singing from the other room!
 I love these!  He is such a happy baby!
 Mm-mmmmm!  Cake!  He was perhaps one of the best cake smashers I've seen!
 These were some of my favorites from the day!  I loved his impromptu bath in the sink.

 And the perfect ending to a day of free for all cake fest and deciding your future!  Every time I see this …

Colorado Portrait Photography, Sandi, Sandy and Grayson

It seems like forever ago I photographed these guys, it was before Christmas and New Year's and that just seems like ages ago.  They were an amazing family!  Such a fun family!  Grayson is such a lucky little boy to have 2 amazing parents that adore him so much!  They were such funny people and I laughed so much with them.  I love these pictures of Grayson with his parents!  So sweet!  As we were leaving, I was behind them and I saw Sandi lean down and pick up some snow.  I stopped and got ready just in case she threw the snow at someone and I was so glad I did!  I loved this small little impromptu snowball fight!