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Look who just turned 1! The very cute, adorable, little Maddy! You may remember her mom's very cute belly, and her 9 month pictures too! Now she is almost walking and full of smiles! So much fun!

She got her very own cake (of course) and what an adorable cake it was!

Here she is with her very cute aunt!

Maddy eyeing her cake...
Maddy's very adorable mom!

I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was the baby who excited such a reaction...

Maddy found the hole in her nose on her very First Birthday!

Here she is talking on her grandma's phone.
I think she is one of the most adorable people ever! And I'm sure she'll hate me for posting images of her eating Cheetos, but her smile is what it is all about!
I was so happy to be photographing Brittannie and her very adorable belly! She looks so cute, and believe it or not she is due next month. How she could still be so small is beyond me. I am very excited for them! And I can't wait to meet the little one!
I photographed their wedding and Ryan is not one for smiling - and I shouldn't be saying this since I asked sooooo many people to smile, but I agree with him certain ways. Anyway, maybe I'll explain another time! My point was that he actually cracked a smile when Brittannie laughed.
Warning! There will be lots of belly images!

He smiled! I was so happy!

Totally love the toes!

They really are very adorable!

I bought some new fabric for possible back drops or back ground colors, and instead of subjecting my poor over-photographed children to yet another session, I thought I would photograph the dogs. Which turned out not so bad, but not as well as I thought. They really are so much more adorably cute than they are here! I think they were confused and a wee bit scared at this large black object that replaced my head and had my voice. They really don't like the camera AT ALL!
So here are some images of my sweet, sweet dogs! The first three images were taken the day before - so you can see what they normally look like (dirty!) Although, Thunder, the first image, hides his dirt very well in his fluffiness.
This is Gretchen, the dirtiest of them all! See her black underbelly? It's usually white... This is Otto, who was not happy about having to sit (the horror!) at the dog park! He too is normally white.
Did I mention, there was a lot of bribery with doggie toys and treats? They w…