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Northern Colorado Portrait Photography, Amanda and Colby

It is so exciting to do Amanda and Colby's second maternity shoot!  The first one involved the adorably cute little girl pictured here - and what a character she is!  She was everywhere as we took pictures, picking up rocks, sharing rocks, throwing rocks, dropping rocks, relocating rocks - there was lots to do on this farm!  And apparently taking pictures was not on her agenda.
 I love this image!  Just like her mommy (and look at her, doesn't she look so proud??)

 Love that face!  And that face too!  You tell how much she loves her mommy!

 There was lots of "where's the baby?"  And Austin was very gracious to show us forgetful adults where the baby was.  Towards the end, she was not so accommodating.  She must have thought were daft for not knowing, I mean she had just shown us after all.  I love my crown!  And I have to say, I pictured sweet, old timely pictures with Austin and the crown....
 ...those images didn't materialize.  But I like these so much b…

Colorado Events Photography, United Power

So, I know it is totally dorky to like an Annual Meeting, but I love United Power's Annual Meeting.  They have some wonderful new projects like a methane to megawatts and a Solar Farm - they are very inspirational and forward thinking.  The weather was awful the night of the meeting, I thought for sure that hardly anyone would show up.  I was so wrong!  It was one of the most attended meetings, in fact they had to order more food because they ran out.  At times there were so many people I could barely photograph. 

 This little girl walked up to me during the meeting and says "do you remember me?  You took my picture at Joonbugz?"  Of course I remembered her - look at those eyes, how could I forget her eyes!  I couldn't believe she remembered me!  I think it was last summer that I took her picture and it was just a quick snapshot for Joni, the owner of Joonbugz.  So adorably cute!  That's a lot of pizza!  Especially after all the barbecue, corn bread and other …

Event Photography, Aiden's First Birthday

Aiden's first birthday party was quite the exciting party, there was cake, fabulous Korean food, great people, wonderful little kiddos and an adorable Pug!  I really enjoyed the party, especially the Korean tradition of Doljabi (forgive me if that is wrong, I looked up the name on the internet).  It is where some items that represent various professions are placed in front of the child and whatever they pick is what they will become.  Aiden picked a microphone and toothbrush - there was lots of joking that he would be a singing dentist.  Having visited the dentist today, I had to giggle when the dentist came out to explain why he took 4 of my Aidan's teeth out, I half expected him to break out in song.  He didn't.  I guess he picked something else when he turned one.  Look at the smiles and the cakes!  Mmmmmmm!  Cake!

 Aiden is very in tune with the dogs (obviously) and tends to play with other children like the dogs play with each other.  It is hard not to think it is ad…