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Downtown Denver Senior Portraits, Melissa

I was supposed to meet Melissa for a short Senior Picture session, just 3 poses. But I was late! Late! I have NEVER been late! I was horrified! But it all worked out! I extended it to a full session and what fun it was! I have never been so glad I was late! Melissa had great ideas and because we were downtown there were so many places to go!

I think these rods are more of a sculpture, I'm hoping so! They are so cool, I'd hate for them to go away!

This was really the shot she wanted. However, when I got there someone left a huge pile (taller than Union Station) of dirt in front of Union Station and some of the greatest scenes of downtown. We had to work around that left pile of dirt, I hope someone cleans it up real soon!

This is my favorite from the session!

Isn't she adorable?

Maternity Shoot

Here are some wonderful images from my last Maternity shoot. I had such a good time with these guys! They were wonderful and such fun to be around!
Isn't she just gorgeous???

Downtown Denver Senior Portrait, Enrique

This was the end of my crazy Saturday - a Senior Picture downtown, one of my favorite places to do pictures. I have been so blessed with boys who are NOT afraid of having their picture taken and who can smile and make it look like a smile! It's been lots of fun! And Enrique, so sorry this has taken so long to get posted! But they are finally here!

As I look at these, I realize there aren't any smiling images... I swear he had a great smile!

Finally a smiling image!

Dog Pool Party in Erie, Colorado

Saturday was a crazy, crazy day! I started out photographing an adorable 3 1/2 year old little boy up for adoption! He was soooo cute and sweet! He even gave me a hug when I left. Then I was off to spend 2 hours shooting dogs at the pool - after this I have seriously considered changing my career. I'm just not sure that there enough dog pool parties to feed me for the rest of my life... We'll just have to see. Anyway, this K-9 pool party was hosted by The Healthy Bone, a wonderful pet supply store in Erie, Colorado. Chris, the owner, has watched our dogs before. As wonderful as Chris was, I was deeply saddened when I picked my dogs up and they whined when HE drove away. Not only that, they ran to watch him leave and barked for him to come back. I was very pleased to see that there was a Life Guard on duty, just in case. The only problem was he (I think it was a he) didn't really want to get wet past his paws.
There were lots of tennis balls to be had... and chas…