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Arvada Newborn Portratis, Corbin

I honestly don't know what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks, but I know it wasn't working on these...   And now they are finally done!  And big welcome to the world Corbin!  I am sure Corbin's parents will not recognize him from 2 weeks ago!  He has probably grown so much since his 8th day!  This little guy was born on December 26th, he missed Christmas by a few hours!  I'd say he's slightly lucky dodging that Christmas birthday bullet (I only know because my birthday is so close to Christmas, it is a great present for your parents.  But as you get older, birthday parties and such kind of get lost in the Christmas hustle.)

 He soooo looks like a little gnome!  It is so adorable and smoochable!  His mom knitted his little sock and hat for him, it is so cute!

We tried to get pictures of the 3 kiddos together, but it didn't quite work out.  Although Sadie listened, Aiden wasn't having any of this sitting and looking business.  Maybe next time when he&#…

Golden Colorado Family Portraits, Heidi and Paul

I did Sarah's Senior Pictures last year, well probably the year before...  Anyway, now she is in college and her brother Chris is about to graduate.  Their parent's must be so proud and overjoyed to have such wonderful children!  There was so much talk about Chris' uniform and what he could do and not do, I started to get very nervous!  So I hope I have not broken any military rules, if so, I am so very sorry and I promise not to do it again.

 There wasn't much smiling from Chris... we tried....  He had a fabulous smile, but for some reason (ahem, the uniform) he wasn't showing it off that day.

Boulder, Co Event Photography, A Fabulous Birthday Party

I don't even know where to start with these guys...  They were all so crazy and wonderful and exciting!  This party was like a scene out of a movie, it riotous, loud, rambunctious, and loving.  All the makings of a great party.  And a party for a 90 year old mom, grandma, great-grandma and great-great-grandma.  Unfortunately, she was not feeling well so she didn't attend, but it was a spectacular party for her!

 I promised I would post the first picture (of course, both lovely ladies were unaware of the silly-face), but I had to also post a nice one!

 A glimpse of the craziness....
 The actual craziness....  Like parents, like kids!
 And the entire group!  There was much cheering when we were done and straight inside the cold little ones fled.

Brighton, Co Family Portraits, Denise and her wonderful family

Denise's lovely family was so graceful and gracious.  Denise was so kind and her house was absolutely beautiful!  I don't know how she could keep her house so nice and tidy around the holidays, my house looked like a huge explosion went off.  Here is her daughter and grand-daughter, so adorably cute!  Here is Denise with her son, I really love this one.

 I love this one with all the kids, they are so adorable!

 Here is Denise with all of her kids.  So precious!

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Boulder Family Portraits, Ellie and her amazing loving family

I showed up to Ellie's portrait sitting with a bit of a Holiday hang-over, it seemed like I had almost forgot how to do what I do.  It had been 3 jam-packed days of finishing homemade gifts, buying gifts, trying to remember what gifts needed to be made or purchased, making food, consuming food, prepping food, trying to remember what food hadn't been purchased or had been cut from the menu....  Oh and the cookies.  That was just a disaster!  There was so much wrong there.  So with all that still lingering, I drove to Boulder, not sure if I could remember what to do.  Ellie and her family quickly snapped me out of my post-holiday funk and I was off and running!  They were so marvelous and a fabulous group to be around!
 I love Maggie's face!  And she was the excited one to get her pictures taken!  She just didn't want to give in so easily.
 I love the parent's faces on this one!  I think it is funny how the kids hid in the hug, but I guess that's how hugging goe…