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Broomfield Family Pictures, Jennifer and her beautiful family

What a sweet, sweet family!  I loved how they all worked together to make family pictures work!  Grandpa brought the boys and then grandma and mom showed up a little later. There was such cooperation, it really does take a village! When I arrived, the boys were sliding on ice while their grandpa and I talked about cameras.  And then it dawned on me, that one of them could fall and break something... I was pretty sure their mom might be upset about that, so I tried to entice them with taking pictures.  And that went over like you would expect.  Two teenage boys given the choice to take pictures or try skating on the ice... they really didn't like the picture idea, but I got them to stop for a few minutes at least.  And no one broke anything!

 I love this picture of Jennifer and her parents!  They are just so sweet!
 I love these with the boys and their mom!

 I know this isn't the perfect picture, their pose is a little off, but their faces tell everything!  Brothers!  They hav…

Denver Maternity Session, Meg and Nick

My grand baby is in that belly!  Eeeek! I am so excited!  I am pretty sure I am not ready for this!  But I have to say Meg is amazing - for so many more reasons than this, but on this day it was cold and she stood out there without a jacket and in heels.  On the lake and in the snow.   I love this girl!  She is just the right amount of sassy, with some love and sweetness too.
 I really love pregnancy, it is such an amazing time.
  Look I let her wear a jacket in the cold! And she is so happy about it!

 I love these!  They are so cute!
 I love how in love and excited they are!  I soooo love this one!

Fort Lupton High School Senior Pictures, Nikki

I love this park so much!  Especially when it's covered in snow - which means there are lot less people there!  Somehow it has become the place to be in the last couple of years.  Nikki really wanted snow pictures and we scheduled something hoping that it would snow - and it did!  I was so happy!  Nikki loved the park and the snow, I just don't think she liked the cold so much.  It was super cold that day and I too would have preferred it to be a little warmer... walking up some of those hills in calf deep snow and trying to breath with such cold air was a bit much!
 I love this one!

 I love this one with the red scarf and her eyes!  It is gorgeous!  She wanted pictures with her truck and then this crazy thing happened and her truck got stuck in the parking lot as they were backing it up!  They ended up having to use a wench to get it out.    I had wanted a different angle, but I wasn't about to be picky after all the trouble of getting it out of the ruts, but that blue s…