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Showing posts from October, 2009
Tony had his Senior Pictures done before my computer crashed - and it has taken this long just to do a blog! Uggggghhhhhh! So sorry Tony!

I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the couch! I love photographing with furniture outdoors! And the "Free" sign was just an extra bonus!
I love the images with Tony and his horses! The smaller horse, he pretty much raised by himself.

Sinjin's 3rd Birthday

Sinjin's favorite thing, or things really, are his fireman outfit and gear. His 3rd birthday party was at a fire house and he was a very excited little boy! He even got fire boots!
Sinjin had fabulous cakes, party favors and fireman gear to try on and fire trucks to climb! What more could a three year old want?

Here a fireman helps Sinjin get in his fire gear.

Here is Sinjin's brother and his grandma playing.

It must have been really good cake!

Sinjin wasn't the only one excited about his presents! He was mobbed by a whole pack of other kids, they couldn't wait to give him their present and see what everyone else gave him. It was all very exciting!

Gabriella and Gerry

We did Gabriella and Gerry's images in Boulder on a warm and sunny day. They were so affectionate and in love! Photographing them was a breeze! I wish them the best in their new life outside of Philadelphia.