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San Jose High School Senior Pictures, Lexi

It was so exciting to do my beautiful niece's High School Senior Pictures!  We had 1 day to do them and it was the first day of A LOT of rain in California.  That morning I sat with my mother-in-law watching the weather as rivers got bigger, roads were being washed out and the ground was just getting soggy.  And all I could think was "yes!  I finally get to use umbrellas in the rain and not just because I love them."  Not everyone was as excited as I was, but I knew it was doable.  Even if it was a little cold.  I love all the different looks we got!  I don't think we would have done so many different places if it hadn't been raining!  It was a total score for me!

 Lexi is in community and high school theater, she has performed in this building.  It was pretty cool to be there and hear about all her upcoming theater adventures!  We went into the Westin to get away from the cold and rain.  Usually hotels are helpful and willing to have me there - as long as I sta…

Broomfield Family Pictures, Sky and her marvelous family

Sky had called me and asked if I could do a portrait shoot on Christmas Eve.  And I thought about it and thought "yeah, why not?"  And then on Christmas Eve morning, I woke up and I was like "What was I thinking??!??"  I had so much to do.  To prove that Christmas is magical, I got everything done in record time (including going to Costco - which should have taken hours on Christmas Eve, but it didn't!)  I was so relaxed when I got to Sky's house and was able to enjoy what a joyful family they have!  Her parent's were so happy to have all their kids and grand kids with them, it was marvelous!  And everyone was in such a festive mood, it really made me smile.
 It is super hard to have such a large group hug - and the best part was the laughter!

 Afterward we did some smaller family groups!  I adore these!  They were so much fun!

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Thornton, Co Portraits, Terri and her beautiful family

I did these shortly before the Holidays and I was so excited to look at them again today!  These guys were so much fun!  I really love these sitting on the coach!  This was her favorite book and she was so excited to be reading the book with her mom and dad!  She was just so cute!  When I first I got to their house, she was so cute, she came to the top of the stairs in sweats and said she couldn't find anything else to wear.  It made her so much more endearing!  She is such an adorable little girl!  These are my favorites!  She is such a sweet girl!

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