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Broomfield Family Pictures, Erica and Joe

I am the kind of person that if a dog is working on not doing a behavior, they see me and do it.  At the dog park, I am constantly getting sprayed with water from dogs that have just come out of the pond - dogs who hate water or who usually don't shake off.  Or I get jumped on or bumped, etc...  I don't really mind when these things happen, I like to think it means they like me!  So, when I arrived and the big dog jumped up on me and put his paws on my shoulders, I figured he wasn't supposed to be doing that.  Turns out, I was wrong!  He does that to his owners all the time.  And then jumps into their arms!  I was so glad to see that they didn't mind, because I didn't really mind at all.  And these guys were so awesome!  They have the coolest house!  And better than that, they are incredibly fun and spunky!

 I love this one!  It is so sweet!
 Now this is cuddly!  And he does this all the time!  What a huge puppy!  Joe had so many ideas!  I may need to hire him to …

Union Station Engagement Session, Megan and Bobby

It was a bit cold the day we did their pictures, but they were such troopers staying out in the cold!  I have to say it was really nice when we went inside Union Station! I could have photographed these guys all day!  They were so amazing together!  Just absolutely adorable!
 I love this one!  I think it is my favorite!
 It took awhile to get this shot, I set it up and took 1 shot and a big, black SUV pulled up right in my path and proceeded to take out a baby stroller, put together the diaper bag (rather slowly), take the baby car seat out (and put it back in and take it out again) and on and on.... So we wandered off and had to come back.  I was glad though, because in that time the sun came out and it made it a little bit more interesting.  I love this one too!  I totally love the orange chairs!  And they look so good cuddled in!

 This was one of those hilarious moments!  It was hard to keep people out of the images and then this happened... it was like the guy in the green jacket…

Denver Family Portraits, Jennifer and her lovely crew

Oh my!  These guys were the cutest things ever!  Even though it was much like herding cats (mostly the boys... totally the boys) I had the greatest time and I smiled for the rest of the day!  All three of them were so wonderful and amazing and had such great personalities!  I love this one!

 I shouldn't have let them see the bubbles, they were poking out of my bag and they kept asking what are those??  Are they for us??  When are we going to go get the bubbles??  Can we have the bubbles now??  We had to break tradition and let them play with them half way through our session.  They were so super excited.  I caved!  It was those pleading eyes!  So cute!  I so loved all the twirling she did!  I could have taken pictures of her blowing bubbles all day long!  I asked one of the boys to do something and he said "why yes! My dear!"  I had to stop for a moment to compose myself!  It was so freaking adorable!  And then at the end, they all ran up to me and gave me a hug.  All I…

Broomfield Family Pictures, Erin and Andrew

I love this spot!  It has some great fields, an old barn and a lake!  It just happened to be really windy the day we did Erin and Andrew's pictures so we had to find areas where the wind wasn't as bad.  It did work out because the little ones were quite the active ones!  So, when the wind came up we walked on and they just loved exploring this area!  There was dirt, rocks and grasses to explore - they were sooo over the moon about that.  They are just so precious!  I love this one!  I was surprised we got one that looked like he was standing still!  He was jumping and moving and bobbing all around - definitely a mover and shaker!  He kept me on my toes and was so curious!  He wanted to take pictures too and I let him take a couple, it was so cute to see him squint his eyes almost all the way shut to look through the view finder!  Here's one of the pictures he took!  I think he did a great job!
 So stinkin' adorable!  And all over the place!  She definitely has her bro…

Boulder Family Pictures, Kristin and Brian

Oh my!  These two were quite the characters!  There was lots of laughter, exaggerated hugs, scrunchy faces and love!  They were amazing!
 I love this one!  So cuddly!

 I love this family picture!  They look so amazing!  Such a great family!  Mom and Dad were so down to earth and loving!  I really enjoyed hanging out with them!
 The bubbles were such a hit!  These guys played and played - we could have played with the bubbles all day long!  They had such a good time!  I love the facial expressions and pure joy!

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