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Thornton Senior Pictures, Michelle

Michelle's session started off great!  The clouds had just started to roll in and all the colors were super saturated.  It was spectacular!  We did some images by the waterfalls and flowers and then when she went to change outfits, it seemed to get a little bit darker.  I thought for sure we were going to get poured on!  Luckily, it just threatened with a little bit of rain and we were able to hurry through so we didn't have to reschedule.  And perhaps the most luckiest thing of all - I love umbrellas, so we were actually able to do some in the rain.  That is until the lightening started, then it really was time to be done.

 I love this one!

Denver Senior Portrait, Gabi

This will be one of my last longer blog posts for awhile, I try really hard to show more than just a sneak peak from a session.  Most blog posts take me 4-5 hours, sometimes more.  I have so many blogs to do right now and sessions to get online for people to view that I need to pare down a bit.  So without further ado, here are Gabi's Senior Pictures.  We had a great time traipsing around Denver, it was such a beautiful day - mostly.  Half way through our session the wind started to blow like crazy and blew long enough that we had to be creative with pictures and then just like that it quit.  Gabi brought her flute to do pictures with and I would say it is one of the harder instruments to photograph because it is so small, but I think we came up with some good images.

 We had talked about going to inside the Denver Performing Arts Center, but they were closed.  As we were leaving, we noticed that the Opera House was open and we went in to see if they would allow us to take pictu…

Golden Family Portraits, Carlina and Jonathan

I have known Carlina for years, she has done hair for a few Boudoir sessions I have photographed and she has done my hair for a few years now.  We have talked about doing family pictures for just about that amount of time too, but something has always come up.  I was a little nervous about the weather with all the rain we've had here in Colorado and our track record with previous sessions.  We were so lucky, there was sun, no wind and it wasn't too hot.  It was awesome!  It was really great to see her kids, I hear so much about them and see them occasionally, so I got to spend some time with them.  They were very fun!

 Having to be just like his sister, he had to have the umbrella.  It was adorably cute, until a paper umbrella turned into a sword or light saber around tall grasses and weeds - then it became hilarious!
And this was the best part!  I couldn't stop laughing - and neither could anyone else!

Brighton Senior Portraits, Nadia

I really have been so lucky to have such wonderful seniors this year!  And Nadia was definitely one of those treasures, her personality is so much bigger than the images show.  I could tell she definitely knew who she was and what she wanted - and the best part was, she wasn't afraid to show it.  She had this child-like wonderment and it made her glow.  She played on the swings and blew bubbles and was not self conscious about it at all.  I loved it!  I feel so bad for teenagers when they are incredibly self conscious, I think it holds them back.  And they don't realize that most people notice them more because they are so self conscious, but if they were able to relax and be themselves they wouldn't be noticed as much.

 I love these with the bubbles!  It was so fun to have her play with the bubbles, although hard because the wind would blow them toward her and then away from her and then pop them before they got to her....  But totally worth it!

 This is her Nadia pose, …