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Prairie View High School Senior Pictures, Kasey

Kasey is such an amazing girl!  She is so outgoing and totally knows what she wants!  It is so awesome to see that!  I had a joy photographing her!  Half way through we figured out that she swam with my daughter!  I knew I recognized her!  I probably would have sooner if it wasn't for those swim caps and wet hair, it so hard to recognize anyone when they are swimming! We did her pictures at the Golden Historic Park and the weather was so awesome for this time of year!

 I love this one!

 I love this one!

 I was so excited to do the pictures at the pool!  I wish we would have had so much more time there!  Water pictures take so long!

 I love these with the scarf!  I love these!  They were so much fun!  Although sitting so far out on the diving board wasn't what I thought I'd be doing, but it was the perfect place to be.

Boulder Family Pictures, Tiffany and Chris

What a fun family session!  There was so much running and jumping!  These boys are so full of spunk and energy!  I was just glad they didn't fall on all the packed down snow that was on the trail!  And we couldn't have asked for a better day after it snowed!  It wasn't too cold, just cold enough that the snow didn't melt and just warm enough that we didn't freeze - well until the sun went behind the mountain, then we froze!  A lot!  There was so much freezing!

 I love the hugging and cuddling!

 This is my favorite!  Look at these guys!  Aren't they just the cutest??  I cannot tell you how many sessions I have done at Chautauqua and how many times I have not seen the flat irons this beautiful!  We were so lucky!  Right before this, they were in a haze because of the thin low clouds and the bright sun and then the sun went down behind the mountain and it all changed!  The boys were not so happy about doing another family picture, I had told them we were done, bu…

Prairie View High School Senior Pictures, AJ

I loved AJ's session!  He is such a good-natured kid!  He really wanted to recreate a picture that was just like his dad's senior pictures, I thought it was so sweet!   I really love his red shirt!  He looks so fantastic in it!

 I love this one!  He is such a happy soul!

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Castle Rock Engagement Pictures, Toni and Chris

I am so excited for these two!  I had done their pictures a couple of years ago and I have been waiting ever since for them to get engaged!  And eeek!  Now they are!  It is so exciting!  And we couldn't have asked for a better day!  It was super cold, but the snow from the day before was gorgeous!  And what a better time to cuddle than an engagement session!

 I love this one!

 It was so hard to pick which images!  They are so cute together!  I loved the light!  It was so warm and glowy!

 I love these with the blanket!