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Denver Engagement; Cheeseman Park; Cheri, Nick and the Squirrels

I can't believe I forgot to add the squirrels! They were like exotic creatures to Cheri and Nick - they haven't seen squirrels in years! And these squirrels are really more like circus monkeys or something, I'm just glad they didn't jump us for the crumbs that may have been in our pockets!

Denver Engagement Sitting, Cheeseman Park, Cheri and Nick

Cheri and Nick are very adorable, well Cheri definitely is! Nick is funny and doesn't like to have his picture taken. But together, they are adorable! And the great thing is, Cheri always has a smile on her face, even when Nick is making faces and not really into it. They are incredibly funny, I didn't even have to do my sit-ups that day! Sorry about the umbrella Nick! I know I promised not to put too many in, but this one is classic!
And so is this one! Guys give him a break - he's getting married (and it's not even his umbrella).
I love this series of images!

Again, not his umbrella.

Here is one of those faces.

Isn't she absolutely beautiful???

Newborn Portraits, Madison

Two weeks ago Madison was still in her mommy's tummy, oblivious to how much she would be loved and cuddled. Now she is out and she is one of the most loved and cuddled babies ever! On the day of our session, she was awake almost the entire time I was there. Making it very hard to get cute sleeping baby images. She also made these wonderful faces throughout our entire session, they truly were adorable and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with her too!
I think this was her "I'm very hungry right now!" cry.

More faces!
And more faces!

Senior Picture, Jordan

This is Jordan, and we did a shorter session for his senior pictures- mostly because he wasn't really into having his picture taken. However, I think he did a fabulous job and he has a fantastic smile!
This image is one of my favorites!