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Broomfield, Colorado Family Portraits, Lydia and her sons

I photographed Lydia and her boys for a magazine Broadlands Living, they have a family spot light every month which is just really sweet.  I did a business spot light for Lydia, her business is Globalsound, if you have kids that like music, you should check it out.  Anyway, Lydia and her boys were fun to photograph.  The boys were very much like you would expect boys to be and when I jokingly said that they should hit each other, they actually did.  And then we had to have a calming down moment.
I love how their pictures came out!  They look wonderful!
 See there were some shenanigans going on...
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A Personal Post about my daughter's upcoming 16th Birthday

My daughter is turning 16 and I thought it would be fabulous to throw her party!  We started with grand plans of a party at a venue, cakes,  DJ, dancing...  And then the concept of who she was, what she wanted and that little small thing of money, we toned it down a bit.  So, we will do many great things in our backyard where her and her friends can galavant around and do the things that they do.  Eat some really good food and watch a movie and play some games. For her invitations, we decided to do sparklers and feet - I may be wearing off on her a bit...  So, here are some of the pictures for her invitation.  I am very excited about this party!  I can't wait for her to be the most special girl of the day.  Even though, she is the most special girl every day, she doesn't want to be and here is a chance where she will be! 

Thornton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Kiara

I love how Kiara's pictures came out!  When we first met, she was ready to go.  There was very little warming up time.  So often it takes 10-15 minutes for someone to warm up to having their pictures taken - especially by yourself.  Kiara just jumped right in and we went!  I loved that she could smile and not smile and they both looked fabulous!  Kiara brought a friend with her and it was awesome to hear them talk.  It wasn't all that mind blowing, just a glimpse into teenagers - I am sure a little watered down, I am an adult after all.  but, to be a teenager and have that wonder of the new world of adult hood as it opens up!  There is such new responsibilities and freedoms that become more and more a part of your everyday life, until they become boring and not noticed.  For the rest of the day, I noticed all the things that I take for granted, the things I couldn't wait to do as a young adult.  And yeah, being an adult can suck, but we all used to want to be here.  And …

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Portraits, Amalia

Amalia's senior pictures were filled with nice light, rain, her family and lots of laughter!  I have done some of her cousin's Senior Pictures and it is so awesome to still be involved with the same family!  And to see one of my Seniors again too! When I arrived at our spot, it was sunny, but there were some clouds moving in.  I thought, we'll probably be okay.  5 minutes later it was pouring rain and we only had a few dry minutes in between rain storms.  But Amalia was great and decided to keep doing pictures, even when she was soaked.  We are going to do another mini-session with art supplies, I am really looking forward to that one too! This first image I took with my iPhone.  I loved all her family support - and as you can see, it was quite fun!

 Here is Amalia dancing in the rain.  I am telling you, she was so awesome and willing to do just about anything!
 Her cousin knew of this wall where local graffiti artists come and take turns creating art work.  I totally lov…

Portrait Photography, my marvelous cousin and my trip to Delaware

Here are some images I took of my wonderful cousin and her family.  She lives in Delaware and it was such a joy to stay with her for a few weeks!  We had a marvelous time galavanting around Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and maybe another state??  There are so many back there I can't keep it all straight.  When we did these pictures, we went to Longwood Gardens, it was an absolutely beautiful place!  I would like to go back there and wander around sometime!  Obviously, not weekend.  But again sometime.

 It was so funny, Brianna didn't realize they were kissing and when she did, she was not really happy about it.  Blah!  Kissing!

 One day we went Cherry picking and had such a great time, although our feet looked like we had walked through blood...  Ewwww!  Here are some images from Longwood, it was an amazing place!  Although, I felt very uncomfortable with their flagrant use of water.  Being from Colorado where water is such a contentious issue and not displaye…

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Connor

Connor is another our Senior Models and it was so awesome that he had access to a plane!  Well, actually planes.  And they were such marvelously beautiful planes.  A family friend was so wonderful to allow us to come and use them and cart them around for us.  I felt like a kid in a candy store with such cool things to take pictures of - which also included a Corvette, but there are only so many cool things I can show here.  One of the things I love about High School Seniors is that they are so willing to do just about anything! And Connor was so amenable.  He is such a great kid and plans on going into aviation, so this was the perfect session for him!
 I love the black, red and white!
 I love all the colors on this plane!

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