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Colorado Zombies, Eagle Ridge High School Zombie Lit Class

When my daughter signed up for Zombie Lit, I warned her that I would have to attend class with her.  I was so surprised that it would be a high school English class.  But I was very excited for her!  What an awesome class!  I have been trying to get a group of Seniors or teenagers to do a zombie shoot, but most people don't want to do that.  And then I had this idea to ask my daughter's teacher if she wanted to do a zombie shoot with her class and she agreed!  I was so excited! There was so much involved in getting these guys ready!  There was lots of make-up to do and I learned lots!  I had no idea wounds could be so easy or so hard to create!  I can't wait for Halloween! I couldn't decide if I should use color or black and white.  The color showed off all the make-up we worked so hard on, but the black and white seemed so quintessential zombie (that is if you grew up with Night of the Living Dead.) This is one of my favorite pictures - laughing and smiling zombies.

Boulder Photography, Boulder flooding after photos

I know it seems a little superstitious, but I wanted to put a post between my sweet little girls and the zombies post I've been working on.  I have been planning this post for a few months and thought I should do it now.  A perfect buffer!   As summer approaches with Senior Pictures and Family Pictures, I am sad that I will not be going to Boulder a lot this year.  I have a favorite spot in Boulder that is absolutely beautiful!  It is large enough not to interfere with other people who are hiking, biking or running and I rarely run into other photographers there and there are lots of fuzzy dogs to enjoy!  Here are just a few images I have taken over the years in this spot.

 After the floods last September, I went up to Boulder to see what it looked like.  I was so sad to see that my spot was filled with sand and most of the water was gone.  I wasn't able to walk around on the paths because they were roped off, but I am sure they looked like what most of the river banks looked…

Brighton Kid Portraits, Twin Charmers

These two have pretty much stolen my heart!  They are amazingly adorable and so fun to photograph!  Those smiles!  Those eyes!  And those personalities that are so much bigger than life!  I totally love these girls!  I photographed these two to try out my new tent and my new chair.  I am so excited!  The chair will be perfect for so many different kinds of photo shoots!

 I love their outfits!  Their mom did such a good job picking them out!

 I had to tell them that this is the only chair anywhere that they can stand on like this.  I didn't want them going home and walking all over the furniture with dirty feet or shoes.  Luckily, the chair is scotch guarded and for photo shoots.  It's not like it won't get dirty any other day.
 I love my new tent!  There are few kinks that I need to work out, but it will be such a fun prop this summer!  Just to show that things are not always rosy and perfect.... Sometimes there are some moments in between.

 I love the balloons, I think I…