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Brighton Senior Photography, Colby

It has taken awhile for me to get these up!  Especially for a short session.  Colby may, or may not, get his braces off in the future.  So just in case that never happens (how his mom is feeling right now), we did a mini-session until that marvelous day that he actually gets them off and can feel his gums again.  Until that far off in the future day, he has a few pictures for the yearbook.  And I can't wait to finish the session, Colby is very funny and kept me laughing the entire time!  Of course, he too, like so many of my seniors this year is a drama (I'm not really sure what word to use here - major? geek? freak? they all seem too old for a high school senior) lover.  I think I will call the Seniors of 2013, the Drama Team.

Tasty cake

Here is a link to some of the tastiest cake around! - this would be the cake from Jackie and Chris' wedding.

Colorado Wedding Photography, Jackie and Chris

Jackie and Chris' wedding was amazing!  They flew here to Colorado from Florida to share their wedding with Chris' mom (Geri) who is battling cancer.  They decided a couple of days before leaving and my wonderful friend Jeni Sue and the people she works with created a wedding in that short time.  They are amazing and caring people!  And Jackie and Chris were so gracious and appreciative of everything that everyone had done for them.  I really wish I could photograph their wedding in Florida, they are amazing people themselves.  And I have to say Jackie is 23, when I was 23, I was not definitely not as giving and mature as she is.  I think she is amazing!  I love that I was able to be a part of this wedding, there were so many wonderful people there and I am glad to have been part of it. This cake was amazing!  It was by far one of the best wedding cakes I've ever had!  The baker was Baby Cakes in Fort Collins or Loveland, I would love to share the web-site but I was unabl…

Colorado Wedding Photography, Jackie and Chris

I would just like to say how wonderful I feel to have been part of this beautiful day!  This wedding was so important because Chris' mom has been battling cancer and she is not doing well.  Chris and his fiance Jackie flew from Florida to Colorado to get married so his mom could be a part of their beautiful day.

Here is one of my favorite images from yesterday, I will share more soon. 

Brighton Portrait Photography, Carrianne and Kevin

I have to say, that is one of my favorite families!  Carianne is always so open to the candids and the fun huggy pictures.  I haven't seen the kids for awhile, and I was amazed at how much they had grown.  Casandra is almost as tall as me, she could be taller, but just for today we're going to pretend that she is not.  And this was the first time I actually met Carianne's husband too!

 And this is really how the family is.  And these images are always my personal favorites!  And I didn't even ask them to do this.

 Awwwww!  I love this shot!

 And here is Kevin with his new bike.