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Brighton Senior Pictures, Jeremy

I have been so lucky to have some amazing High School Seniors this year (and every other year too!) and Jeremy is definitely one of those.  He was such a great young man!  He was down to earth and such a great conversationalist!  I really enjoyed photographing his senior pictures!
 I love all of these with the grasses in them!  They are amazing!  One of the things I love about my job is that things don't always go right and it forces me to think.  We did these pictures at a waterfall that was turned off in early October, I knew that.  But when we got there, not only had they drained the waterfall pool, but this gray sludge was all over the rocks that I was intending to use.  It was really gross looking and I really didn't want Jeremy sitting on all that.  But the great thing was some of the reeds had shrunk enough to do pictures by the bigger pond.  There's always something you can find to take pictures near!  But sometimes there is a panic moment!  Especially when I show…

Broomfield Family Pictures, Rehab and Ibrahim

Oh my gosh!  Not only were these girl's amazing, cute, curious and full of life - they had been sick the days and the night before.  And they were great and did everything I asked.  I felt so bad for them, but their mom said they would be fine and she was right!  They were great!  And then on top of all that, Rehab and Ibrahim were the most gracious people!  When we were done, they served me tea and we talked forever.  Rehab gave me Kunafa, a middle eastern danish, it was so good!  Like the first time eating the best thing you've ever had!  And the tea!  I love (LOVE) tea and I have never had tea that tasted that good!  I am thinking of moving in with them!  I was so honored that they thought to serve me tea and Kunafa!  I loved these guys!

 We were so lucky to have trees with color!  It was mid-November when we did these pictures.  And they still had roses!  I couldn't believe it!
 When I was taking pictures of their parent's the girls lined up and watched, they are …

Brighton, Co High School Senior Picture, Zander

Zander's Senior Pictures were perfect!  We had a beautiful day in November, fabulous light and Zander is just and awesome young man!  I have seen him at several dances at his school and he is always so polite and grateful.  I love his school!  Most of the kids are just stellar and Zander is definitely in that group!
 I love these in the grass!
 His mom had me cracking up!  I love it when parents are so playful!  I was onboard to Zander standing on his head and us decorating him with birds, I don't think he was amused as we were, but it gave us a nice chuckle.
 I love these on the stump!  Especially with the Beatles shirt!

 These are so awesome!  I cannot believe I didn't use this spot more this summer!  And I love these with the suit!
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Union Station Family Pictures, Jackie and Brian

I am going to do these backwards, from the end to the beginning.  Because that's what I should have done in the beginning.  The littlest bean was so much happier with a cape and a mask and actually smiled!  But to get her to smile in the beginning was an absolute no! No!  Not today!
I love these!  They are the best super heros - EVER!  Such a cute one!  I had brought a banner to write on, but we stopped because the littlest was done before we even started and I didn't want to press her, so this is what we did with the banners!  At lease they were used!  I love this one!

 I think this about says it all for how the photos went.  And it is my favorite image!

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