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Denver Event Photography, Little Finley has a birthday!

I have been trying to decide whether to leave the images the size that blogger uploads them or make them bigger.  In order to make them bigger, I have to individually click to make them bigger.  But looking at these, I think it is worth it.  I like them bigger! I loved Finley’s birthday party, her mom Stacey made such beautiful cakes and cupcakes they were so creative and fun!And there was blow up water slide for the kiddos, which all of the adults were commenting how nice it would be to go sit in it, if only that were polite at a kids birthday party and I would have LOVED to get a picture of that!And then there was the Hawaiian umbrella wreath – how clever!I am so going to try and make one!I love, love, love their events!

 Aren't those flip-flops adorable?

 And there was craziness like Finley's older brother running around naked.  So fun!
 Here is Jackson, being so sweet trying to get his sister to smile.

Brighton Portraits, Shalom and Karen

Shalom and Karen were a very cute, almost shy couple.  I really enjoyed their session, it was very laid back and full of smiles (mostly from Karen of course).  The baby was adorably cute too, although she used up all her smiles in the first few minutes of the session, ater that she just wanted to sleep.

 Isn't she cute??

 And she finally gets to sleep!  She was a much happier baby then.

Boulder Portraits, Hailey

Hailey is a dancer and her mom wanted to do some images with her dance outfits, I of course was very excited to do this!  We did a few in regular clothes for head shots, etc...  She is such a natural!  I hardly had to pose her and when I did, she fell right in. 

Her mom loved this tutu outfit, but she refused to wear it.  When I saw it, I fell in love with it too!  And between us we convinced her to wear it.  And I kind of feel bad because as I was uploading the images, I realized how many more there are of tutu than the others.  Sorry Hailey!  But it is a fun outfit! And I totally love the one's where you are standing in front of it or holding it up. This would be her serious, standing on her toes look and the other is "I'm about to fall over" look.
I think this is how she truly feels about the tutu. I love this one!

I love these with the ballet slippers!