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Brighton Studio, Demitri's 1st year Pictures

I am not going to lie, this little guy was a tough nut to crack!  But when he smiled, I knew exactly why he guarded them so much - it's because they are golden rays of sunshine!  And he only smiled when he wanted to, but I would work over and over for them!  He is just precious!  And almost 1!  There was some of this... which I thought was adorable!
 Here was when I knew he had the best smiles ever!  LOVE!  I'm not sure if this is just a closed eyed smile or the most adorable funny face!  I am in love with this face!
 And here is where the fun starts!

 To all the 1 year old girls out there - watch out!  Because this little guy is the cutest!  

Wash Park Portraits, Jennifer and her adorable children

Jennifer is one of the most beautiful mamma's around!  I love her bubbly enthusiasm and gorgeous smile!  She adores her children so much and is just the greatest!  XOXO! I did her pictures last year in March and I think it was warmer than it was this year in May!  It was so cold!  We tried to do things to keep the kiddos warm, but it wasn't until the end when the capes and bubbles came out that they were distracted enough to warm up a little.  Look at these little ones!  They are so adorable! (Although, they are getting so big, I'll have to start talking about how beautiful and handsome they are all getting.  It brings a little tear to my eye!)

 I love this!  Jennifer's daughter wrote it out!  She was so meticulous and thoughtful about it!  I am sure Jennifer will cherish this for years!  My favorite time!  I love seeing how excited they get!  It is one of the greatest parts of watching children - their smiles! To check out more work, visit our website at www.nataliebe…

Denver Prom Photos, Grace and her marvelous friends

I was so excited when Grace's mom asked me to do their prom pictures!  I have photographed her in countless plays, she was one of my smoke bomb models and I photographed her older sister's senior pictures!  So, I was super excited for this.  It was so hard to figure out times and places because I was so busy that day!  But we made it work and it was perfect!  A little cold, but once we started it seemed to warm up!  And everything was so magical!  I love how goofy and fun all 4 of them were!

 I love this one!