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I have done business with Alex's parents David and Jody for years! I was very excited to be doing photography for them and not just them doing my brochures and business cards (which they do a wonderful job by the way!)

Alex was a joy to work with! Sometimes it takes time for Seniors to warm up to the camera, but not Alex! From the beginning his smile was right on, he was relaxed and enthusiastic.

Alex is an excellent golfer, so we decided to sneak onto the Riverdale Golf Course between golfers and do some pictures. It was difficult, what with being worried we would be pelted with golf balls, but we survived - and came away with some great photos!

Brigitte and Matt

This was Brigitte and Matt's wedding! It was a small very intimate affair - I love these kind of weddings (well I love ALL weddings if truth must be told). They met at work, he is a police officer and she is a 911 operator. They fit like puzzle pieces and are so in love!

They had their reception at Maggiano's, a wonderful place to have an intimate reception. I loved the decor, it made for some beautiful black and white's.
Brigitte's ring can fully fit inside Matt's ring - even with the diamond! I was so afraid I was going to drop her ring and it would disappear in the shag of the carpet! Can you believe the rings are on a sugar packet? Who would have thought a sugar packet could be so cool!

The wedding ceremony was at Denver University and the grounds were beautiful! There were wonderful reflective ponds and beautiful buildings. I was hoping they would skip the reception to stay and photograph for the rest of the afternoon, but they opted for their reception.

Andrea and Emma

Let me explain the image above - first this is not how I wanted the images uploaded, but such is life. The image above is Andrea's grandfather's car, a car that means a lot to her. We took this boat of a car into the city to do their engagement session. It had that old car smell, you know that smell - the smell of your grandfather's car! It was awesome!
Here they are! Aren't they adorable!

We went to Union Station, where they danced for me in the empty station. I loved how Andrea's dress flared out!

If you look closely, just to the left of the car (way in the back) you can see the Security Guard as he runs out to tell us "You CAN'T park there!"

Here they are with their wonderful dogs! And as usual they look great. The dogs however weren't aware they were going to appear on a blog so they wouldn't look at the camera.


Fountain Park

Some days are just like that! We didn't plan it, it just happened that there was a water park... And the water was still on... and within minutes Aidan (our youngest) and Makaela were soaking wet. Eventually, Makaela's friend was on her way to wet - but not like our children!

This is how Aidan ended up by the end of our time at the park!
The beginnings of getting wet!