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Family Portraits, Glenwood Colorado

Here are my very own family pictures! I am so very excited! It has been years since we have had our own family pictures done professionally! I usually run out of time and have to do it myself, but this year the opportunity arose and wow! we had someone else do it. So much fun! Here is Robin photographing my kiddos.Here I am photographing her kiddos, I guess they are a little old for kiddos. But they are her kids.Aidan mimicking the Eiffel Tower.

It was so hard not to pick all of the images for the blog! There were so many good images. Makaela didn't like this one, but I love it!

This is me photographing Robin's daughter.This image reminds me of Simba in the Lion King (Nick's favorite movie, even now!)

Aren't they adorable????

Makaela didn't want to play around, so I had to drag her into playing. Seriously!

Idaho Springs Portrait Photography, Thea and Mike

It has been such a long time since I updated the blog! And I have done so much, I just haven't had time to sit down! I love how busy I have been, I will be so sad to have not much to do after the holidays (hint, hint for anyone still looking to do family pictures, senior pictures, get married or throw a party...)

Here are images of my sister-in-laws family, I did not mean to focus so much on my niece Rachel, she just cooperated more than her brother Matthew. I always think it is a mixed bag photographing family. On one hand I know their personalities, but on the other hand they know me and aren't always compliant when I tell them to do things, grrrrr (of course not Thea and Mike).

Aren't they adorable? Those are my hats too (another shameless hint for anyone looking to be photographed in cute hats).

Bromley East Charter School Fundraiser

Here are images from my second Fundraiser session! There were so many families, some I knew some I didn't know. On this day alone, I had 8 families with a total of 39 people. I went home and wanted to sleep for days! But I didn't, I went to another fundraising event that night. And then got up the next morning to do another portrait shoot. Then I went home and tried to sleep as my children jumped all over me. And now that I am recovered, I am finally getting around to posting everything!

I had a wonderful time with everyone! And I hope to do it again!