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Brighton Family Portraits, Katie, Mike and their family

I loved this photo shoot!  When Katie told me she wanted to do this picture AND had reading glasses for everyone - I was in love!  And everyone performed perfectly!  I love that the baby's dad is plugging his nose!  What fun!  Such a sweet generational picture!

 I love this one!

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Denver Engagement Session, Cheyanna and Stephen

Love!  Love!  Love!  These guys were so much fun!  I think Cheyanna was hoping that Stephen wouldn't be sooo much fun for the pictures, but I am guessing that is how he is all the time.  She either has incredible laughing muscles or great eye rolling muscles - or maybe a little bit of both... They are so cute together!  I love photographing couples and these guys made everything that much better!  I have photographed Cheyanna's niece and nephew's senior pictures and Kira came along for this one!  It was so good to see her again! I love these!  Stephen was so kind to help Cheyanna out across the rocks and from where we were standing it really looked like they were both going to fall in the water.  I was so worried they would have to change clothes really early on!  But it all worked out and instead of wet clients, we got cut pictures.

I love LOVE this one!
Just some of the fun we had - or Stephen had... I think he may have been licking her... I love this one too! These are…

Brighton family pictures, Tara and her lovely family

Tara's family was one of the easiest families I have ever photographed!  There were kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews - and they all were wonderful and fun!  (There were some non-smilers, but I was able to get a few cracked smiles out of them.)

 I love this one!

 What baby doesn't love the baby plane??  And everyone there loved the baby!
 This is my favorite!  Joseph said they should do a family tree photo and up into the tree they all went!  It was adorable!  Love this one too! To check out more work, visit our website at

Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Hope

Hope's senior pictures are stunning!  The weather was amazing for the beginning of November and the light was fantastic!  I wish all my sessions were this perfect!
 I loved these by the water!  I was so glad that Hope wanted to do pictures here!  I think the colors of the grass and the clothes she chose were so perfect!

 I adore Hope, she was so playful and absolutely fun!  I had such a hard time picking which of these to use!  She wins at the playful umbrella pictures!  She was so cute, she kept saying "I don't know what to do" and then she would break out and do the cutest things.  She could teach classes!
 This was her idea!  And I absolutely love it!

 I love, love, love this one!  My favorite of course!

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